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FNC Fujitsu Technology Solution Briefs

These briefs provide a focused look at solutions, technologies, and industry business topics. Content ranges from discussion of technical matters, such as optical reach, to descriptions of individual solutions or categories of solution offered by Fujitsu.

Integrated Factory Acceptance Testing (692 KB)

The Virtuora Ecosystem (248 KB)

Fujitsu MicroApplications Practice (345 KB)

Packet-Driven Networks (309 KB)

New Optical Networks (515 KB)

Data Center Interconnect (274 KB)

Open ROADM (177 KB)

Optical DCI Architecture: Point-to-Point versus ROADM (1,006 KB)

Decoupling Aggregation and Transponding (381 KB)

Data Center Interconnect (DCI): Whether to Lease or Own? (472 KB)

Metro DCI Optical Reach Configurations for the 1FINITY T100 Transport Blade (588 KB)