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'One step' to Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server

Collaboration and information-sharing are the essential drivers of productivity and effective communications. Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server provides a flexible and scalable solution to the challenges facing today’s information worker.

The business challenge

Growing demands for information create challenges for all organisations:

  • How do we share and find information?
  • How do we increase communication and collaboration?
  • How do we improve productivity?
  • How do we make informed decisions?

The solution

Organisations need to create workspaces that can support:

  • Dynamic information delivery
  • Process management
  • Team collaboration
  • Personal productivity

Fujitsu’s One Step SharePoint Portal Server program enables organisations to create an environment in which employees can store and retrieve information quickly and easily. Organisations can then leverage their knowledge to:

  • Deliver key business information (by improving access to customised information)
  • Drive team collaboration internally and across the extended enterprise with partners, suppliers and customers
  • Increase employee productivity (by facilitating knowledge reuse and efficient storage and retrieval of information)

Solution overview

Fujitsu consultants have extensive knowledge and experience using Microsoft’s SharePoint Portal technologies as a platform for collaboration.

We will work with you over a 2–4-week engagement to implement a SharePoint solution focused on delivering real business benefits and a rapid return on your investment.

The engagement will be structured as follows:

  • Content Assessment and Architecture Review – An assessment is conducted of your identified content and collaboration needs. We develop a hierarchy that facilitates information management – this is customised to your business objectives and is flexible to accommodate growth.
  • Portal Development – A basic portal is developed providing a practical foundation to address the business and technology issues identified during the Content Assessment and Architecture Review.
  • Portal Pilot – SharePoint Portal Server is installed and the solution is implemented and tested in your environment. We deliver a one-hour introduction to the portal for your end users and an additional hourlong information session for your content authors. We also conduct a two-hour session with the Workspace Co-ordinator.
  • SharePoint Portal is operational – An overview of our recommendations and best practices for portal management and governance is provided.

The benefits

  • Increased productivity – Employees, workgroups, customers, vendors, and other key contributors can access the information they need, when they need it.
  • Enhanced sharing – The collaboration solution makes it easier and faster to share information both internally and externally.
  • Reduced paperwork – The solution provides the ability to search for and aggregate content from multiple data stores and file formats and provides formal publishing capabilities.

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