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LifeBook L series

  Description Order No. LH530 LH700
Memory Modules 2GB DDR3 1066MHz FPCEM543 Applicable Applicable
2GB DDR3 1066MHz FPCEM542 Applicable
Power Options AC Adapter (19V 60W) FPCAC48 Applicable
AC Adapter (19V 80W) FPCAC62X Applicable
Battery - Standard (6-cell Li-lon 4400mAh 10.8V) FPCBP250 Applicable
External Drives External USB Floppy Drive FPCFDD16W Applicable
Display Options 17" TFT XGA LCD Display PD-TFT17C Applicable
19" TFT Wide XGA LCD Display PD-TFT19A Applicable
19" TFT Wide XGA LCD Display PD-TFT19B Applicable
Others Fujitsu Retractable Mouse (Black) HLMSE0012G-01 Applicable
Fujitsu Retractable Mouse (White) HLMSE0012H-01 Applicable