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Changing Business, Changing Lives

Fujitsu Philippines, Inc., a global leader in information technology (IT) systems integrator and solutions provider, continues to expand its roster of cloud services to optimize business operations in the country.

Mark Oliver Pandy, head of Fujitsu Philippines’ managed services business unit, said that the company now offers an array of trusted Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud solutions that deliver a high level of flexibility and security suited to address the needs of these businesses.

“We are taking the lead in introducing the benefits of cloud technology in the Philippines,” Pandy added, “And we know that this set of cloud solutions are suited not only for small and medium scale businesses but also, for more established ones. These solutions can help them boost operations while cutting tremendous costs.”

Cloud offers obvious cost efficiency advantages. It diminishes the spending for physical servers, especially that it reduces the upfront costs intended for maintenance. Companies usually spend a large amount of capital for physical servers. As an asset, it can last for over three to five months. But, IT systems can only maintain them for a span of one to six months, which means that the company will have to spend another capital for buying or upgrading it.

By using IaaS cloud solutions, the company could align these costs to actual operating expenses rather than invest for physical servers or leasing colocation facilities, which both need a number of servers and administrators.

In the Philippines, Fujitsu Philippines has rolled out Fujitsu IaaS solutions that deliver the value that you need from the cloud. With the high level of security and quality of service, it offers a comprehensive range of solutions, spanning compute services, storage as a service and data, and application management.

Fujitsu Cloud IaaS Trusted Public S5

Fujitsu Cloud IaaS Trusted Public S5 is a pool of virtual IT resources that delivers enterprise-grade security controls and sophisticated platform monitoring functionality.

This solution is highly reliable, secure, and always available. It is accredited to ISO27001, an international standard that describes best practice for an information security management system.

Subscribers also get the advantage of being at par with the global market by having similar service platforms, which utilizes resources that are being delivered by Fujitsu’s global network of data centers located in Japan, Australia, United States, Singapore, United Kingdom, and Germany.

IaaS Chart 1


Fujitsu Cloud IaaS Private Hosted solution

Fujitsu Cloud IaaS Private Hosted solution, on the other hand, eases the integration of IaaS with the existing information and communications technology systems. It delivers standardized on demand virtual or physical compute and as well as data storage services.

This solution allows its users to comply with specific regulations for storing and processing data on a certain geographical location.

It also takes into account local consumer-customer sentiment on data privacy by managing the levels of separation among them. This makes it ideal for running the enterprise software on to enable applications like Oracle and SAP. 

IaaS Chart 2


Fujitsu Private Cloud Infrastructure

Meanwhile, Fujitsu Private Cloud infrastructure allows the users to meet the working environment needed by the company. It delivers a mixture of virtual and physical servers developed as pre-configured and pre-tested IT infrastructure solutions needed to deploy and run powerful consolidation, virtualization, and IaaS cloud platforms.

It shortens the production time while diminishing infrastructure-related efforts and costs by up to 50 percent.

Fujitsu IaaS cloud solutions ensure that the users gain all the benefits of cloud computing, from scalability to pay-per-use, and even security and self-service environment that is under the subscribers’ control.

Fujitsu Philippines, Inc. also offers package applications as subscription-based services, which includes Cloud IT Management as a Service and Cloud back-up as a Service.

Why choose Fujitsu?

Let Fujitsu Philippines help you now. As one of the world's largest IT services provider and Japan’s number one ICT company, Fujitsu has the resources and experience needed to ensure the transition to the cloud is both successful and predictable.

For over a decade, Fujitsu has been creating the building blocks for cloud computing, investing heavily in cloud-based development on a global scale, regional and local-scale. Worldwide, Fujitsu has more than 150 data centers, runs 25 cloud data centers, more than 145,000 servers managed, 140 petabytes of managed data and more than 5000 cloud customers. To learn more about Fujitsu Cloud Offering, please email us at