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ICAD/MX Operation Environment

  • CPU & OS:
    Windows NT 4.0 + , Sun OS 2.5 +
  • Software Media:
  • Hardware:
    Fujitsu DeskPower 5000+ with 64 RAM, 400 MB Disk space, SUN Workstations


ICAD/PCB is a complete computer-aided design and manufacturing system that supports processing from printed wiring board design to manufacturing data creation.

  • Overall computer-aided printed-wiring board design and manufacturing system.
  • Ability to handle large-scale and high-density packaging. It can design high-performance printed-wiring boards at least up to 24 layers and at least up to 5000 components can be mounted per printed-wiring board.
  • Easy to use interface by using dynamic menus and important functions grouped into one menu. A window can be easily moved and resized by screen manipulation.
  • Improvement of design and manufacturing quality. Design rule checking and data output to the in-circuit tester enable the reliability of PWBs to be improved

Schematic Design Editor (SDE)
ICAD/PCB’s Schematic Design Editor provides the circuit design function of the system. SDE enables the designer to input schematic circuits and interactively assigns them to symbol components. The design editor also catalogs schematic circuit in the design database.

Layout Editor (PDE)
ICAD/PCB’s Layout Editor provides the pattern design function of the system. PDE creates printed wiring boards interactively. This editor creates board figures, places parts on boards, and wires analog patterns.

Schematic Explorer
Schematic Explorer allows you to browse Contents of Components, Bill of Materials (BOM) and Contents of Nets in the Schematic which is displayed by the Editor.

Placing Components
A Functional and easy-to-use menu design allows you to place components in the Layout Editor accurately and provide a seamless link with Schematic Editor.

Netlist File
Standardized netlist for exporting information to other software, such as PCB Layout and various simulators which need port reference by component pin name.

CSV File
From SDE, you can extract CSV files and save the information in Microsoft Excel, or other spreadsheet and text applications.

A command allows you to open the CSV files and paste it in a table as draw entities.

CAM Data
The design Data created in the ICAD/PCB system is processed by a Manufacturing data conversion program (ICAD/EMS) to create data for automatic printed circuit board manufacturing machine (NC Data) used in printed-wiring board manufacture (processing and assembly).

PDE Batch Utilities
Layout Editor provide batch programs for Board Creation, Repairs, Checks, Open Check, Clearance Check, Parts Replacement, Table Condense, Board Drawing Output, Parts Name Change & Replacement and User Layer Checks.

The Status and Output are displayed in the Result Window with the option to print to any output to print to any output device.

ICADPCB Operation Environment

  • CPU & OS:
    Windows NT 4.0 +, Sun Solaris 1.1.2(Japanese ver.)
  • Software Media:
  • Hardware:
    Fujitsu DeskPower 5000+, Sun Workstations