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Humanoid With Smooth Moves

By Fauziah Muhtar, Computimes 6 September 2004

Fujitsu (M) Sdn Bhd show cased its humanoid robot Hoap-2 at the Asean Communications and Multimedia Expo & Forum 2004 at the Mines Resort in Seri Kembangan.

Short for Humanoid for Open Architecture Platform, Hoap-2 was engineered by Fujitsu Automation Ltd in Japan for use in developing motion control algorithms in areas such as two-legged walking and research human-to-robot communication interfaces.

Weighing seven kilograms and standing at 50 centimeters tall, the light and compact robot is equipped with sophisticated circuitry and sensors which ensure smooth motion and enchanced stability, enabling it to simulate human movements in activities such as standing up, Chinese tai chi and Japanese sumo wrestling.

HOAP-2 doing a head-stand

HOAP-2 doing a head-stand

 HOAP-2 sliding

HOAP-2 sliding

Reproduced courtesy of Computimes