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Feature Stories


3 Dec 2010
The Next Big Step from Fujitsu and Oracle

1 Dec 2010
Reduce carbon emissions with Green IT

24 Nov 2010
Business and technology are becoming increasingly complex.

1 Nov 2010

26 Oct 2010
ETERNUS CS Efficient Data Protection for Enterprises and the Mid-market

26 Oct 2010
Make IT Dynamic - Focus on running your business - not your IT

6 Oct 2010
Make IT Dynamic - Focus on running your business - not your IT

7 Sep 2010
Easy Business Continuity with VMware

10 Aug 2010
LTO-5 tape drives are now available for ETERNUS LT20/LT40/LT60 tape libraries.

9 Aug 2010
Analysis Technologies for Robust Fujitsu Products

28 July 2010
FUJITSU ETERNUS for Business Continuity ETERNUS DX90 disk storage & ETERNUS SF Express Remote Copy - synchronous and asynchronous storage-based replication

2 July 2010
Fujitsu Scholarship for Advanced Management Studies at JAIMS

12 May 2010
[SPARC Enterprise Case Study] New SPARC Enterprise M3000 based accounting system boosts performance and cost-efficiency

10 May 2010
Systems engineers' manufacturing innovation makes it possible for customers to speedily adopt high-quality and user-friendly systems.

20 April 2010
Interstage XWand 11 Powering next generation of financial reporting

16 February 2010
[Fujitsu in Our Daily Lives] Explore how Fujitsu is working to support social infrastructure.

1 February 2010
With R&D sites around the globe staffed by researchers of diverse backgrounds, Fujitsu brings together a wealth of ideas to enable a human-centric networked society.

27 January 2010
New entry-level disk storage system ETERNUS DX90 supports disaster recovery with remote copy function.

12 January 2010
Unix Server SPARC Enterprise Feature Story - Optimized IT Investment from a Compact yet Full Powered Processor Platform

7 January 2010
Unix Server SPARC Enterprise M9000 scored the highest record again for Two-tier SAP SD Standard Application Benchmark


18 Nov 2009
New disk storage systems ETERNUS DX400/DX8000 series

16 Nov 2009
Fujitsu Scholarship for Advanced Management Studies at JAIMS

9 Nov 2009
BPM V11 - Proactively Sense & Respond to Business Change

15 Oct 2009
A Quick History of Fujitsu

13 Oct 2009
Unix Server SPARC Enterprise Feature Story - Maximum Performance at Minimum Cost

8 Oct 2009
ETERNUS DX60/DX80 guarantee data security at less initial cost for greater affordability.

1 Oct 2009
Connecting people together with the evolving network FSTJ

20 Aug 2009
SPARC Enterprise Case Study - FUJITSU University

20 Aug 2009
Green Policy Innovation

20 Aug 2009
We make every activity green.

4 Aug 2009
[SaaS and SOA] Fujitsu is developing various services including SaaS to satisfy customer needs by leveraging its expertise gained through development of SOA concept.

22 July 2009
SPARC Enterprise Throughput computing models - The Best Java Performance for server consolidation

8 Jun 2009
Operational cost reductions from backup operations without system halts. New entry-level Disk storage systems ETERNUS DX60/DX80

25 May 2009
Feature Story - Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise increases your sustainability index

12 May 2009
Dynamic Infrastructure in a cube - The new PRIMERGY BX900

20 April 2009
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology - SPARC Enterprise Case Study -

5 April 2009
Fujitsu Interstage brings Digital Revolution

1 April 2009
Fujitsu drives global expansion in Europe with Fujitsu Technology Solutions. IT infrastructure provider for Dynamic Infrastructures.

3 March 2009
Fujitsu Quality : From development to product support

12 February 2009
The Fujitsu Group uses IT to reduce environmental load-its own, its customers', and society's-with the aim of"making everything green."

28 January 2009
The Japan Research Institute, Limited - SPARC Enterprise Case Study -

20 January 2009
PRIMERGY Energy Efficiency

13 January 2009
Effective, well-managed and scalable datacenters - enabled by Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise and Oracle 11g

9 January 2009
We make every activity green.