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Case Studies

At Fujitsu we create strong partnerships with our customers, enabling us to work together to find innovative solutions to business challenges. Take a look at our complete list of case studies to find out more about how we can help your business.

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Latest Case Studies

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Latest Case Studies

  • Forestry Commission refreshes the clients operational systems at all locations
    The Forestry Commission was using Windows XP on thousands of devices, however this OS was reaching end of life and would no longer be supported. It needed to upgrade all of these machines to Windows 7. The organisation turned to its existing business partner, Fujitsu, to develop a precise deployment programme for over 2,200 machines in 54 locations.
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence Services ensures the integrity of ICT at Scottish Water
    Scottish Water activated the Fujitsu Cyber Threat Intelligence service, which immediately identified the source of the unknown malware variant, cleaned infected devices and worked with Symantec to create a signature that would block it.
  • HMRC’s Voice and Unified Communications platform now works on Fujitsu FAST Cloud
    In order for HMRC to transition to a consumption based cloud solution, it required a replacement for its existing Voice and Unified Communications service. The requirement was for an innovative, adaptable and cost-effective solution that allowed it to retain its existing handsets. The additional challenge was to deliver this solution within a six month transition period without any user disruption.
  • The Hiroshima Prefectural Federation of Societies of Commerce and Industry makes consulting easier with Cloud Service MobileSUITE
    The Federation deployed Fujitsu tablets connected to a cloud platform that enables the consultants to instantly capture, upload and retrieve relevant information.
  • Glycotope gains from fast and comprehensive deployment of SAP systems
    Biotechnology company Glycotope recently decided to professionalize its ERP processes by introducing SAP. Until this point, the SME had never had an integrated IT system. With Fujitsu’s help, Glycotope implemented a complete, standardized SAP environment within just four months, which it can now use to visualize and efficiently manage all of its business processes.
  • Bharat Petroleum streamlines employees’ access with PalmSecure
    BPCL wanted to find a secure, reliable way to ease congestion at its refineries’ access points. Traditional methods such as ID cards or fingerprint recognition were either too slow or not accurate enough.
  • Integrated System PRIMEFLEX® for SAP Landscapes enables Globus Group to use SAP systems quickly and flexibly
    Fujitsu provided a comprehensive “PRIMEFLEX for SAP Landscapes” concept, comprising FUJITSU x86 servers, Cisco Nexus network components, NetApp storage solutions and virtualization software from VMware.
  • The Indonesian Institute of Sciences introduces Rack and Scale Out Server platform for High Performance Computing
    The family range of Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY systems underpin a powerful and flexible data center solution that allows LIPI to perform complex scientific calculations, reduce the risk of critical data loss, offers high scalability and a low TCO.
  • BPBD DKI Jakarta Uses Fujitsu DIMS to Help With Disaster Mitigation
    DKI Jakarta Regional Disaster Management Agency (Badan Penanggulangan Bencana Daerah – BPBD DKI Jakarta) is a disaster management agency established in February 2011 under the Regional Governor’s authority. The Regional Secretary is the ex officio Head Officer of BPPD, reporting to the Governor.
  • SCTV uses FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS for its digital content management solution  
    Surya Citra Televisi (SCTV) is one of the earliest media companies to focus on delivering digital content. Its continually growing library generates the need for high capacity and scalable storage.As every department needs to access content daily, they needed to minimize working hours in order to share the network.
  • Valbury Asia Securities
    Valbury Asia Securities (VAS) is a brokerage investment company that focuses on the equity and bond market. VAS has more than 9,000 clients across the nation, with 18 supporting offices in 12 major cities. Fujitsu provided Valbury with PRIMERGY blade servers equipped with ServerView Resource Coordinator VE (RCVE) to enable automated server failover.
  • Wahana Makmur Sejati
    PT Wahana Makmur Sejati (WMS) was Established in 1972 and is a leading Indonesian automotive distribution company. As a major distributer for Honda motorcycles, WMS manages sales and services for Honda motorcycles and parts, across the greater Jakarta–Tangerang area. The Company relies on strong coordination of their dealer network via an online system, as well as creating effective communication among dealers, to ensure a smooth distribution of goods and services. For WMS, good communication and exchange of information is fundamental to ensuring continued growth and development.
  • Yutaka Manufacturing Indonesia
    PT. Yutaka Manufacturing Indonesia (YMI) is a disk brake and muffler manufacturer for motorcycle. The company was established on March 26, 1996, in the form of a joint venture company between Yutaka Giken Co, Ltd from Japan and PT Astra Honda Motor. To ensure production quality, PT. YMI is applying technology and process according to tight QC System standard in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Fujitsu provided PT. YMI with PRIMERGY server and ETERNUS storage as well as Ave Point solution and Symantec Backup Exec. Fujitsu also assisted PT. YMI in architecture design and project implementation including system migration and data replication.
  • Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia
    PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) is an automobile and automobile parts manufacturer for Toyota brands. To Improve new system developments and existing system adjustments lead-time Toyota turned to Fujitsu to provide a complete stack of IT services from infrastructure to applications. At the infrastructure layer, Fujitsu provided design, implementation and maintenance while at the application layer, Fujitsu provided end-to-end services which included system development, application development, integration services and application management.
  • Toray Indonesia
    Toray Industries Indonesia is part of Toray Industries, currently manages ten subsidiaries in various businesses from manufacturing of fibers, textiles, plastics, chemicals, healthcare products and IT-related products to tours and travel as well as science.Toray Industries Indonesia embarked on a project to upgrade their information system. The scope was not only to improve the system’s performance by enhancing the infrastructure, but also to build a system that enables the company to obtain valuable information for better business decision making. The company has opted for SAP Business One running on top of Fujitsu servers.
  • Tokio Marine Life Insurance Indonesia
    Fujitsu helped TMLI over their initial challenges through the development of a comprehensive solution that drives value by incorporating hardware and software, with virtualization design, implementation and support. The solution leveraged Fujitsu's leading edge PRIMERGY servers and ETERNUS storage systems, integrated with VMware virtualization. Fujitsu built the virtualized environment based on proven experience and delivered it using highly skilled resources, ensuring the needs of TMLI were accurately met. In addition, by showcasing a rich knowledge of VDI, Fujitsu made certain the project was completed on time and on budget. Fujitsu took the necessary steps to make sure the highly compatible core system infrastructure easily integrated with the existing, TMLI IT environment.
  • Siemens Indonesia
    Siemens has been actively engaged in supporting Indonesia’s infrastructure with innovative technologies since 1855. As one of the largest and oldest operating German companies in Indonesia, Siemens continues to remain a competent infrastructure provider in three core sectors: Energy, Industry and Healthcare. Siemens chose Fujitsu’s solution for its flexibility, simplicity, unified management, automated recovery, service and resource virtualization capabilities that are well above other competitor’s solutions.
  • Mensa Bina Sukses (MBS)
    PT Mensa Bina Sukses (MBS) is a subsidiary of Mensa Group. It distributes healthcare equipment, pharmaceutical and consumer health products. Fujitsu provided MBS with a robust server infrastructure solution, consisting of high performing and scalable PRIMERGY servers, as well as a reliable ETERNUS storage system. The project took just three months, from requirements, ordering, to implementation.
  • PT Dynaplast Tbk
    PT Dynaplast Tbk is the leading manufacturer of quality rigid plastic packaging in Indonesia. The company manufactures and distributes packaging for many industries: food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and lubricants, as well as precision plastic components for the automotive, electrical appliances, consumer goods, electronics and computer industries. Dynaplast needed a reliable server to accommodate new applications and data volume growth. The challenge of this project was solving server performance, backup issue and reducing the total cost of ownership by continuing with existing platform or migrating to Linux on industry-standard hardware. Fujitsu Indonesia recommended migrating to PRIMERGY BX920 servers with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, which would reduce acquisition costs and greatly increase the choice of possible suppliers.
  • JGC Indonesia
    JGC Indonesia is a subsidiary of Japan’s world leading engineering contractor, JGC Corporation which operates in 21 countries. JGC Indonesia started its business as a provider of design engineering and project management services for the country’s booming oil and gas industry. Fujitsu has helped JGC Indonesia with consultation and implementation of data center and Cisco-based network, as well as post-project maintenance service. Fujitsu also built modern data center, where it was involved from design to implementation; from cooling, power and cabling to system integration.
  • Directorate General Of Treasury (DGT)
    DGT is responsible for formulating and implementing policies and procedures of the state treasury. The core function of DGT is to oversee the implementation of the state budget asserted in the List of Approved Budget Implementation documents, by around 20,000 working groups throughout the country. Each working group represents a specific government agency or institution responsible for the allocated budget. DGT coordinates the working Group through its 170 state treasury service offices. Fujitsu provided DGT with a complete server and storage infrastructure, consisting of PRIMERGY, PRIMEQUEST and SPARC Enterprise servers and ETERNUS Storage.
  • Directorate General of Budget (DGB)
    The Directorate General of Budget (DGB) is one of five critical organisations under Republic of Indonesia’s Ministry of Finance, with the authority to establish the fiscal budgets of the country’s various ministries and public institutions. Fujitsu provided DGB with complete set of data center, from server, storage to IT management tools. Fujitsu eliminated solutions offered from other brands through a rigorous and independent tender process, involving special procurement committee outside DGB.
  • Ciracasindo PerdanaA
    Ciracasindo Perdana has been dedicated to beverage system business for the last 20 years, dealing with the production and distribution of high-end beverages brands such as SUNFRESH Natural Fruit Juices, DOUWE EGBERTS Coffee and EQUAL Sweetener to entertain hospitality industry, including star hotels, restaurants, cafés, industrial catering, retail outlets like Hypermart, Carrefour, Ranch Market, Kem Chicks, etc. As SAP Global Partner, Fujitsu provides Ciracasindo with consultation and implementation services. Fujitsu’s distinguished expertise and remarkable experiences help the project completed on time resulting in lower resources usage, better reporting, and most important of all, faster return-on-investment from the SAP implementation.
  • Universitas Terbuka
    Universitas Terbuka (UT) is the 45th state university in Indonesia. It has distinguished itself by employing an open and distance learning (ODL) system. Distance learning refers to minimum physical interactions. Courses, modules and tutorials are delivered through various media, from print, TV and radio broadcast, to online. The UT Online service provides students with online tutorials of courses, conducted by an online tutor who will go through various learning materials before giving out online assignments. It has provided access to quality higher education to all citizens, including those who live in remote islands as well as in various parts of the world. UT has 37 campuses (Learning Program Units) in the country with more than 500,000 active students. Fujitsu provided UT with Cisco Nexus 7000 switch, including consultation, assessment and implementation services. Only Cisco Nexus 7000 has the capabilities to support UT’s goal in improving distance learning experience using latest online and multimedia technology.
  • Central Statistics Agency (BPS)
    The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) is the Indonesian non-departmental government agency responsible for providing high-quality statistical information to all stakeholders. To produce information, BPS conducts periodical surveys and censuses with stringent standards and procedures to obtain the accuracy of data. BPS operates nationwide through 33 provincial and 497 regency offices. To carry out such a massive data processing task, BPS is known for using the latest Information systems technology and has done so since the agency was establishment in 1960. Fujitsu assisted BPS in developing database servers, application servers, document management solutions & data back up. The Fujitsu solution was comprised zero clients, rack servers, blade servers, enterprise storage, high-end servers & high-end tablet PCs.
  • Badan Informasi Geospasial (BIG)
    Fujitsu provide BIG with an end-to-end solution that include high performance servers, a data center facility, middleware, GIS software, and training. This solution guarantees the success of the NSDI project and forms a basis for the NSIS to operate efficiently in the future. The high performance products and services provide by Fujitsu have a proven record in forming a seamless solution for effective data communication. Furthermore, with ist high compatibility the solution can easily integrate with existing platforms (hardware and software), to accommodate any future business requirements or platform upgrades.
  • Bumiputera BOT Finance
    BUMIPUTERA – BOT FINANCE is a leasing and financing company. It helps customers in leasing and financing wide range of equipment, from factory machinery, heavy equipment, office automation & information equipment, to vehicle. The company have no choice other than to build a new core system to effectively run its financing and leasing service. Problems with the current information systems had caused great difficulties not only in decision making, but also in meeting compliance requirement, which in the end put the company’s business at risk. Fujitsu provided a combination of Fintegrity core application with customized components, web-based architecture running on top of PRIMERGY server infrastructure. Fujitsu’s solution also included consultation, implementation, project management, training and support. BUMIPUTERA – BOT FINANCE selected Fujitsu out of five vendors after considering Fujitsu’s wide experience in finance industry.
  • Adi Husada Undaan Wetan Hospital
    In order to sustain the quality of service and anticipate future growth, Adi Husada Undaan Wetan Hospital decided to refresh and upgrade its IT infrastructure, from the server platform to end-user computing. Fujitsu supplied the hospital with a line-up of PRIMERGY servers consisting of, BX600 and BX620 models, as well as a fleet of 165 ESPRIMO desktop PCs. The ESPRIMO’s now occupy 65% of the total desktop PC population at Adi Husada Undaan Wetan Hospital.
  • FCC Indonesia values Fujitsu as a provider of data center components of high performance, high quality, and high durability
    FCC Indonesia needed to revamp their aging server infrastructure to maintain current business operation and to prepare for future requirements. Fujitsu provided FCC Indonesia with complete IT infrastructure enhancement solution.