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Together we can make that happen

Fujitsu is a global ICT company that improves the lives of millions of people. We work with customers to find the perfect IT solution to their business needs. It’s our aim to use the power of technology to benefit business and society. 

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We’re empowering businesses large and small

Man sitting at desk working on Fujitsu PC

At Fujitsu our broad portfolio of cloud solutions provides the choice you need to make the cloud work for your business. We make it easy for large or small businesses to exploit cloud services alongside non-cloud services. To do this we work closely with you to understand your current IT infrastructure, establish your needs and remove the complexity of cloud computing. Together we can ensure your IT is agile and responsive, meeting the demands of your business, and enabling you to innovate and grow.

We’re creating smoother shopping experiences

Woman at a clothes shop being helped on with a jacket by a shop assistant

Fujitsu works with retailers to provide a seamless connection between traditional point of sale, online and mobile channels. This means shoppers can move between channels and still have a consistent, joined-up experience. We also work closely with retailers to understand their customers’ needs and habits in preparation for any future changes in channels or behaviour.

We’re keeping people productive, wherever they are

Woman sat on a sofa using a Fujitsu Laptop

Wherever your employees need to be, our mobility solutions provide them with access to the applications, data and communication tools they need to help them work effectively. We also provide them with 24 hour IT support around the world, so they are free to concentrate on your customers. This scalable service works with you to support your business as it grows and adapts to meet new challenges.

We’re creating a more connected society

At Fujitsu we have a unique vision; to use the power of ICT to create value for people and build a better, more connected society. We call this a Human Centric Intelligent Society. We believe in working together with our customers to empower people to innovate, to harness value from information and to optimize ICT infrastructure everywhere. The Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision sets out our thinking about how we can make this happen.

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