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Digital Media Solutions … extend your marketing strategy

A digital channel for smart, dynamic advertising – any screen, anytime

Fujitsu provides a truly end-to-end Digital Media & Display capability:
Hardware - enterprise quality LED displays, touch screens and video walls, Media Player PCs
Content Management Software – TELentice application suite *
Professional Services – Consulting, Installation & support, Content creation and scheduling services 


Digital Media Solutions

Fujitsu moves beyond digital signage with interactive Digital Media solutions

  • Interactive usage with touch screens and integration with online channels
  • Interaction with mobile devices (detecting devices in-store, pushing content to devices)
  • Event based triggers such as facial detection to target content for customer interaction or demographic profile
  • Analytics - support decisions store and product layout (eg. flows of foot traffic, screen interaction, face detection).
  • Integrate with existing systems (eg. CRM, kiosks, self service, ATM’s, queue system, web) to create a network of intelligent, interactive channels 
Digital Media is part of an overall marketing communications strategy


Advantages over other channels:
  • More content than other channels
  • Easier to run new campaigns
  • Faster, cheaper than mass channels
  • Allows geographic & demographic targeting
  • Run different content across networks
  • Implement in many different physical environments (retail, transit, corporate office, cinemas etc.)
  • Better environmental footprint than print media
Digital Media
Digital Media Solutions

* TELentice is sold internationally. Businesses from any country, including those in the USA, can acquire Fujitsu’s TELentice software for themselves or on behalf of their customers. Please contact Fujitsu Australia if you have any interest or wish to purchase TELentice. Fujitsu will work with you to make the software available locally.