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Digital Media Solutions … extend your marketing strategy

A digital channel for smart, dynamic advertising – any screen, anytime

Fujitsu provides a truly end-to-end Digital Media & Display capability:
Hardware - enterprise quality LED displays, touch screens and video walls, Media Player PCs
Content Management Software – TELentice application suite
Professional Services – Consulting, Installation & support, Content creation and scheduling services 


Digital Media Solutions

Fujitsu moves beyond digital signage with interactive Digital Media solutions

  • Interactive usage with touch screens and integration with online channels
  • Interaction with mobile devices (detecting devices in-store, pushing content to devices)
  • Event based triggers such as facial detection to target content for customer interaction or demographic profile
  • Analytics - support decisions store and product layout (eg. flows of foot traffic, screen interaction, face detection).
  • Integrate with existing systems (eg. CRM, kiosks, self service, ATM’s, queue system, web) to create a network of intelligent, interactive channels 
Digital Media is part of an overall marketing communications strategy


Advantages over other channels:
  • More content than other channels
  • Easier to run new campaigns
  • Faster, cheaper than mass channels
  • Allows geographic & demographic targeting
  • Run different content across networks
  • Implement in many different physical environments (retail, transit, corporate office, cinemas etc.)
  • Better environmental footprint than print media
Digital Media
Digital Media Solutions