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FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop

PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop is a powerful and scalable platform analysing big data volumes at high velocity. PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop combines the advantages of pre-configured and pre-tested hardware based on industry standard components with open source software provided by Cloudera® and Big Data Analytics provided by Datameer®. PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop is provided as a ready-to-run Integrated System as well as a Reference Architecture for flexible deployment, and enables business users to tap hidden information from huge amounts of data. In addition, strategic big data consulting, analytics consulting, consulting for Hadoop, and integration and maintenance services supplement the offering.

Consolidated and consistent data management is vital to ensure operational efficiency, optimise planning and foster innovative business models. Consequently, the economic value of big data depends on achieving replicable analysis and resilient knowledge from multiple sources. Fujitsu helps Business, Finance or IT Managers in a data-centric enterprise to exploit big data effectively with PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop, based on the open source framework.

Main Features & Benefits:

  • Pre-configured PRIMERGY cluster running open source software
    • Guaranteed compatibility of components
  • Hadoop distribution provided by partner Cloudera® Inc.
    • Trusted FUJITSU support of leading open source distribution
  • Big Data Analytics provided by partner Datameer®Inc.
    • End-to-end analytics software to integrate structured and unstructured data
    • Smart Analytics to facilitate machine learning methods for business users
    • Flexible data visualisation to enable fast time-to-insights
Availability may differ by region.