Co-creation for Success

Co-Creation for success:
Unlocking Creativity, Knowledge and Innovation
Public Sector research results

Fujitsu’s global study explores the relationship between organizations and employees, customers and society. This document reveals the research results from the Public Sector showing how vital each group is to achieving success and what role culture, creativity and digital technology play.

Key insights include:

  • Of the three core audiences (customers, employees and society), organizations in the public sector feel most duty to improve the lives of wider society / citizens (65%), followed by employees (50%) and more distantly by customers (31%)
  • Over half (59%) of leaders admit it is difficult to balance the expectations of all three audiences
  • The primary areas of skills and expertise required for this future success are: leadership skills (41%), people management (40%), and creativity (31%)

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The ingredients for business success

The world is transforming, and so too are the demands being placed on organizations

Stat 60-50-37

Organizations are struggling to balance the three groups and deliver for all people

Stat 60

Success will be driven by creativity, innovation and knowledge, supported by digital and an evolved people-led approach

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