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Digital Workforce

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The Fujitsu Digital Workforce is redefining how work gets done by implementing a Digital Workforce made up of “Digital Workers” that work alongside human employees.

Digital Workers automate processes in a variety of work environments within the banking and finance, insurance, retail, human resources and many other industries. Leveraging our Fujitsu Digital Workforce will help their human counterparts to accomplish more than they ever could alone.

Digital Workers can work 24x7x365 and emulate humans. This frees employees to focus on high priority tasks, engage customers, and drive innovation while improving speed, consistency and significantly reduce cost.

Our Services

  • Worker as a Service
    A defined number Digital Workers, capable of automating an unlimited number of processes and sized to match the expected demands of the automated workload.
  • Workforce as a Service
    A dynamic Digital Workforce instantly responsive to changes in demand, auto-scaling to add more workers as demand grows over time, or dynamically resizing the Workforce to meet peaks and troughs as required.
  • Work as a Service
    A true utility solution, with the Digital Workforce managing workload on a per-transaction commercial model, allowing users to link the service cost directly to output delivered.

Organizations are spending millions of dollars on personnel that are spending countless hours on tasks that can be automated. When Fujitsu Digital Workers are deployed, personnel can redirect their focus on more engaging business activities while the Digital Worker performs tasks at a fraction of the cost. With Digital Workers performing these tasks, your employees are free to work on tasks that drive value into your organization. With Digital Workers working together with your staff, your organization will increase in both employee and customer satisfaction, increased effectiveness and efficiency in execution, all at a lower cost.

With Digital Workers in the mix, the amount of FTE(Full-Time Equivalent) employees deliver significant cost reductions in current costs. Fujitsu Digital Workforce is self-funding and delivers a cost savings of around 50%. The amount of FTE savings from implementing 10 Digital Workers results in 100% return on investment in the first year. A less quantifiable yet significant form of cost savings resulting from the Digital Workforce is the increase in human employee retention.

Why Fujitsu?

  • Fujitsu XpressWay Approach
    The agile consultancy approach that drives rapid outcomes, helps achieve the vision for the customer.
  • Wide Experience
    We can provide an automation approach that is customer-centric and technology independent.
  • End-to-End Capability
    From process discovery and optimization to automation implementation and ongoing services.
  • Next Wave
    Fujitsu brings artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to our customers combined with Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Industries and Ideal Use Cases

  • Human Resources tasks - employee on-boarding, recruitment and payroll
  • Finance and accounting activities – checking if invoice or order entry data is in the correct fields following optical character recognition (OCR) data capture
  • Customer Management - on-boarding processing rule-based activities triggered from websites, interactive voice response (IVR) systems, web chat and mobile apps, collating data from multiple disparate systems for customer service, orders and checking systems for price and delivery offers
  • IT Task - automating routine processes, such as password resets and backups
  • Banking and Insurance - moving data for claims processing, predominantly from customer-facing websites; card management for issuing replacements for lost or stolen cards, and reversal of card charges and mortgage processing – highest adopters of RPA tools to date


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