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Remote Infrastructure Management Services

Remote Infrastructure Management Services

The fast changing demands on your business are growing every day. Just to stay competitive you need to proactively address: new services and changing processes, new governance and compliance requirements, and better and more transparent cost management. That is why dynamic IT adaptation and optimization must be a critical component of your over-all strategy.

The highly complex and often unpredictable, task of managing IT is made even more difficult by constantly evolving heterogeneous IT infrastructures that require specialized skills, and are located at multiple sites. Your company's success rides on the strength, stability, and flexibility of this IT infrastructure.

Fujitsu RIM Services

Fujitsu RIM Services provides: Monitor, Operate, and Manage assistance for network, server, storage, databases, backup recovery, active directory, file and print, middleware, and application performance and intelligence.

  • Economies of Scale with Specialized Infrastructure Services
  • Best Shore Global Delivery at Competitive Pricing
  • Maximum Flexibility with Selective Outsourcing
  • Rapid Delivery with Automated and Standardized Components
  • Access to Fujitsu Global Resources and Best Practice

Download the RIM Services Fact Sheet (1 MB)

Fujitsu RIM Services Help You

  • Adapt quickly to business demands and technology changes
  • Improve business service with enhanced system effectiveness and SLA-based reliability
  • Boost ROI and cut IT management and administration costs
  • Access high-demand IT skills and Global best practices
  • Sharpen focus on activities that relate directly to the business