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vSure® Multivendor Service Assurance

vSure Multivendor Service Assurance

vSure® Multivendor Service Assurance

For service providers looking for a comprehensive Service Assurance Solution, vSure offers a single, multivendor solution that manages any technology across both physical and virtual infrastructure: core and access networks, systems, applications, facilities, data centers and security. Unlike other solutions, vSure is not a toolkit but a unified software solution that deploys rapidly and can be maintained and extended without programming or advanced training. vSure offers unprecedented scalability to manage any size network, dramatically improving network performance and customer experience.

With vSure, end-to-end services can be discovered automatically and kept current to monitor alarms and performance and automate notifications based on configurable thresholds and baselines. vSure puts the ability to configure a service assurance solution into the hands of the users, empowering them to view, monitor and report on network health and performance the way they need to best meet the real-time needs of customers and services.

Fujitsu maximizes your vSure Service Assurance investment by evaluating your network performance needs up front, then configuring and customizing the vSure solution to deliver business value through customized reports, dashboards, automations and integrations to comprehensively and proactively assure your network and services, enabling you to identify potential problems before they become outages.