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Looking for a quality and reliable notebook or Ultrabook™ to empower you to work when and where you choose? The FUJITSU Notebook LIFEBOOK® portfolio supports your business with entry-level to powerful individual solutions. Extensive configuration options for each notebook provide ultimate flexibility. Every FUJITSU notebook delivers extremely high reliability, driven by a unique combination of Japanese precision engineering and quality; supported by 30 years of experience. Choose and configure your notebook for your business computing demands and benefit from unique features and solutions by Fujitsu.

for Business

Notebooks for Business

Fujitsu offers a wide selection of notebooks and convertible notebooks that fit your needs.  From notebooks for standard home and office tasks, to ultra-portable and desktop replacement products for corporate demands, Fujitsu has the product to fit your specific needs.
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for Healthcare

Notebooks for Healthcare

Driven by rising costs, today’s healthcare providers are striving to increase productivity by catering to a larger number of patients more efficiently and adopting technology to complete their health charts and records more efficiently.
To achieve this critical productivity, healthcare providers need mobile solutions that deliver exceptional usability, serviceability, great performance, rugged durability, and more--all from a single vendor.
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for Education

Notebooks for Education

Classrooms today are dramatically different from the classrooms of previous generations. Interactive learning is replacing teacher-led classes. Students are learning by leveraging mobile devices like tablet PCs to connect and collaborate with teachers, each other and with the world beyond the school.
As an educator, how can you best take advantage of these trends? How can you use technology to truly transform the way you teach?
Fujitsu solutions for education will enable you to migrate your classrooms from textbooks and lectures to an interconnected, student-driven learning environment – a learning environment for the 21st century.
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for Public Safety

Notebooks for Public Safety

Public safety professionals depend on mobile data and communications systems to get instant access to time-critical information in the field.  They require state-of-the- art solutions to operate securely, as well as reliably with ruggedized systems that will withstand harsh environments.
Fujitsu mobile solutions for public safety agencies deliver on all fronts. Fujitsu state-of-the-art technology ensures that the demands of first responders are met and offers public safety agencies a broad portfolio of industry-leading computing systems.
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