Building on the Customer Experience

While advances in technology have helped manufacturers create better products, buyers also have higher service expectations these days. Manufacturers are quickly learning that offering a superior product is no longer a differentiator — and are increasingly focusing on the end-to-end customer experience, not just the digital touch point experience (e.g. having an extravagant digital eCommerce site will not be enough, consumers want the on-time, timely communicated product delivery experience).

This means offering customer-focused experiences to remain competitive in the industry. That said, what makes for a great consumer-facing experience is not completely aligned to what makes a great business experience. Business experience must account for the needs of employees, partners and suppliers, and delivering on customer expectations involves coordination across an increasingly complex value chain – this is where FUJITSU GLOVIA® OM can help. GLOVIA® OM focuses on helping manufacturers grow their business from existing clients while improving optimized efficiency to bring in new ones. Helping manufacturers understand the relationship their organization has with its customers; and working to improve it through all engagements with the brand.

GLOVIA® OM is a Salesforce®-native, fully-configurable low code order management solution. It integrates all business processes from sales to fulfillment, with unmatched transparency and efficiency. It can seamlessly integrate with legacy and ERP manufacturing applications, degating the need to ‘rip and replace’ Systems of Record. GLOVIA® OM helps manufacturers maximize the potential of their products and improve the Customer Experience (CX) by:

Order Management


Providing an interface between manufacturers and customers

Order Management


Delivering a state-of-the-art platform by modernizing existing distribution channels

Order Management

Growing Business

Uncovering new revenue streams by connecting direct to consumers

Improve Operational Efficiency with a Simplified Interface

Today, most manufacturing companies are organized around product lines or business functions that run in silos. Each silo operates as its own business, owns a P&L, and in many cases data is not shared across the organization. This results in operational inefficiencies that are not centered on the customer and how they interact with the organization, resulting in inconsistent experiences. Placing orders is difficult. Checking and managing inventory is complex. There is limited visibility into operations. Internal processes and ERP systems are restrictive and expensive to change. This is making manufacturing businesses slow and reactive. Ultimately stopping manufacturing companies from meeting their goals, servicing their customers, and keeping up with competition.

GLOVIA® OM simplifies the interface to your customers by masking the complexity of your internal processes and systems to create a harmonized view of your operations and customer:

Order Management

A system of engagement seamlessly integrates with legacy systems to create a single, accurate source of information for everything from calculating shipping to applying promotions.

Order Management

Seamless quote-to-cash enables your teams and partners to easily create quotes, make inventory inquiries, apply discounts and calculate shipping to deliver the right product at the right time, place, and price to your customer.

Order Management

Gain real-time visibility into inventory across multiple locations to plan better and quickly respond to emerging needs. Ensuring the information within the sales, service or fulfillment department is the same as the information across your organization.

Set your partner ecosystem free

You know your partners are an important part of your sales channel. You develop the product, then provide it to channel partners who ultimately sell the product to the customer. Channel partners must manage sales, market funding and business operations while fulfilling other demanding business responsibilities. They have to manage the success of their operations while providing value to customers. The most critical piece missing from this puzzle for you is oversight.

GLOVIA® OM maximizes the potential of your existing distribution channel by delivering a modern partner experience platform:

Order Management

Empower your channel partners with vital real time information to provide the best possible customer experience for your customer.

Order Management

Gather vital intelligence and create a feedback loop to enable your partners to share important information to aid in forecasting, inventory management and future innovation.

Order Management

State of the art platforms that’s simple and easy-to-use user interface that ensures partners spend less time on the system and more time delivering delightful experiences at every touch point.

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