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NOTE: this is an archived page and the content is likely to be out of date.

Specific Technology/Plug-ins

47. Use accessible special technology and plug-ins (JavaScript, Java applets, Flash, PDF, etc.). Where accessible ones do not exist, provide an alternative method.

Some specific technology and plug-ins do not give consideration to accessibility. Persons with disabilities and the elderly can have troubled grasping the content and operating them.

Example and Implementation

  • Use accessible special technology or plug-ins.
  • Avoid only providing information in PDF format (as of March 2002), in consideration of audio voiceover.

Use the following as reference in providing alternative methods:

  • the plug-in or special technology content, or the information which enables usage of these (such as the URL for the download page), in text form.
  • Use the (noscript) tag for JavaScript.
  • Use the (object)(/object) tags for Java applets and plug-ins. (When specifying (embed) for plug-ins, use (noembed), and when specifying (applet) for Java applets, use (applet)(/applet).)