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The Portfolio Tool

Business Enablement Tools for Enterprises

The Portfolio Tool is designed to bring the Fujitsu America portfolio of services, products, and solutions to life. With this interactive tool, you can freely explore the wide variety of services that we offer. The Portfolio Tool will show you how we can create dynamic partnerships with you, optimize your capabilities, and deliver exciting new offerings to meet your most ambitious needs.

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The Portfolio Tool provides you with:

  • Access to the entire Fujitsu America portfolio of offerings in one place
  • Detailed overviews of all offerings
  • Sample case studies
  • Fujitsu advantages and benefits (i.e., "Why Fujitsu?")
  • Links to additional information on the website

The Portfolio Center screen

Fujitsu America is recognized as a top-tier provider of innovative business technology solutions that generate value and help you achieve your goals. The quality of our solutions allow Fujitsu America to be a strategic supplier to your business and provide solutions in all areas of your business for many years to come. Our goal is to make you a customer for life.


The Portfolio Tool offers our clients and other stakeholders the ability to see for themselves the entire scope of capabilities Fujitsu offers. While a tool can’t replace the value of a conversation, it does help to provide you with a foundation of who we are and what we can do to address what matters most to you: your business and the challenges you face.

In using The Portfolio Tool, you’ll not only see the full breadth of our solution portfolio, but you’ll also benefit from client-specific content. This content is specially designed to help you understand your own business environment and how Fujitsu can help you. With context-specific information, case studies, fact sheets, and ROI profiles, you’ll be better equipped to discuss your needs both inside and outside your business and make truly informed decisions that get you where you want to go.