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The Information Paradox

The Information Paradox

Proving Business Benefits

It spending is the largest single capital investment for most enterprises, ranging from routine productivity improvements to all-out business transformation. A widely-held belief is that increasing IT investment is always desirable. However, the real business benefits achieved by increased IT spending are difficult to identify and measure and sometimes seem impossible to prove—an “information paradox” that often troubles executives when challenged to justify IT spending.

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Getting More Value

Originally published in 1998 and revised in 2003, this project was led by John Thorp, for many years a senior consultant with Fujitsu. The Information Paradox, which has been sold in many countries over the last decade, will help you understand how to get more value from your IT investments. Explore critical issues of managing information technology that have a bottom-line impact. Discover methods, tools and techniques for effectively merging business information and technology. Improve your odds of success in managing IT-enabled change in your organization. Authored by a team of top IT consultants and practitioners, The Information Paradox introduces a unique, client-tested framework called the "Benefits Realization Approach."

Benefits Realization Approach

The Benefits Realization Approach is a business benefits-focused IT methodology packaged into the Fujitsu proprietary Macroscope® business transformation methodology. Formalized processes, techniques, guidelines and templates offer a proven way to manage all organizational assets and drive real business value. With the Benefits Realization Approach, your organization can better select the right business and technology investments, turn those investments into tangible results—and overcome the dreaded “information paradox.”

Download the entire printer-friendly eBook (1.96 MB )

Inside The information Paradox

Here is what you will learn from this ground-breaking book:

Benefits realization: The first part of the book introduces the Information Paradox challenge and makes the case for a new benefits-realization mindset. Learn how the Benefits Realization Approach enables organizations to better manage complexity and increased risk with technology investments to enable business transformation.

Fundamentals of change: This section explores benefits-realization concepts further and introduces the necessary fundamentals for changing the way people think about managing their investments using our Benefits Realization Approach. Understand how employing effective program management, portfolio management and full cycle governance processes help the benefits realization process from start to finish.

Conditions for success: The next section moves to an in-depth discussion of the three necessary conditions for effective implementation of the Benefits Realization Approach: activist accountability; relevant measurement; and proactive management of change. Part three includes client success stories providing true examples of the value delivered by the Benefits Realization Approach.

Kick-start your projects: The last part of the book shows you how to kick-start projects using the Benefits Realization Approach with many options for incorporating the benefits realization mindset and practices into your organization. Assess where you are today, how much change you are willing to undertake, secure support "from the top" and make the first practical steps for getting the most value from your IT investments.