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Quality Management

Fujitsu America receives "Noteworthy" awards

Fujitsu America’s Quality Management System has been certified to ISO 9001 standards since 1996 through intensive and thorough internal and external audits.  Quality is part of the culture for our employees, and not just another task, so audits are seen as an opportunity to shine, to demonstrate their continual improvements to their processes and products, and to show how they meet and exceed customer requirements.

Det Norske Veritas (DNV), our registrar for ISO 9001 certification, has awarded Fujitsu America with several "Noteworthy" awards resulting from their compliance audits of our processes.

External ISO 9001 audits conducted by DNV have identified several particularly positive functions, processes, or practices being executed by various departments within the scope of the certification. These have been noted by the auditor as “Noteworthy”. Also referred to as “best practices”, these are findings that exceed accepted standards for quality, integrity and meeting customer requirements as compared to other companies audited by DNV. Fujitsu America is proud of their well-earned awards as recognition of its on-going commitment to quality at every level of business.

Since 2010, Fujitsu America has received forty-four “Noteworthy” recognitions for its Quality Management System throughout its scope of operations.

Fujitsu takes pride in its reputation as a quality-focused company and these awards are a testament to the quality we deliver in our products for the benefit of all of our customers.

FAI Quality Policy

Our commitment to quality, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction is the responsibility of every employee and is demonstrated through effective process development, performance, and improvement as managed through our business quality management system.

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