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Occupational Health and Safety

 Health and Safety

Fujitsu recognizes it has a Duty of Care to its workers and those persons who can be affected by its business operations. Fujitsu shall work to internationally recognize Occupational Health and Safety Standards to ensure that it meets its Duty of Care to its workers and others where that duty is owed.

Fujitsu is committed to safeguarding the health and safety of our employees and working partners.

Our Aims

To create a culture which is intolerant of accidents, incidents and poor safety performance.

Ensure safety is a core business value.

Make safety important and personal in order to influence people’s decisions and behaviours.

Eliminate all preventable illnesses, injuries and business losses due to unplanned events throughout our operations and premises.


We provide a common framework for health and safety management at all levels within our organisation, which adopts best practice.

Our Vision


We manage the effective identification, measurement and control of risk and ensure that this is at the centre of our management of health and safety issues.

Resources and Competence

We allocate appropriate resources to ensure the effective implementation of Policies. We provide employees with Health, Safety and Welfare support through professionally resourced health, safety and worker support services.

Information and Communications

We promote a business culture that gives a high priority to the health, safety and well being of workers and we are committed to the prevention of injury and ill health.

Operational Planning and Control

We manage health and safety risks actively and effectively. We promote positive attitudes that identify and reduce risks in order to provide and maintain a safe working environment for workers and the wider community in which they interact.

Performance Evaluation and Improvement

We monitor, evaluate and continuously improve our performance in health and safety.

Evaluation of Compliance

We comply with, and where practicable exceed the requirements and targets set by existing health and safety regulations and plan ahead for future compliance.