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Environmentally-Friendly Server Products

The perfect climate for your data center

Fujitsu PRIMERGY® servers already support air intake temperatures of 35 °C. The next generation of servers enable support of environmental temperatures of up to 40 °C. The temperature in a data center can thus be increased by a few degrees without any problems. Each additional degree means approx. 5-6 % less energy costs for air-conditioning.

The new PRIMERGY servers also allow non-air-conditioned operation, thus generating high savings potential for infrastructures when planning new server rooms or data centers.

Highest efficiency and best performance

Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers are optimized to provide the best levels of energy efficiency. From the mainboards developed and manufactured in Germany through to the selection of components, everything is aimed at providing minimum power icon-energy-efficiency consumption and simultaneously the best computer performance. Setting energy efficiency world records regularly and top rankings in the SPECpower benchmark for PRIMERGY servers bears testimony to such endeavors.
The next generation of PRIMERGY servers supports even more efficient power supply units. And the savings potential is even greater, especially for large data centers. This is because highly-efficient power supply units not only improve the productivity of each server but also generate less waste heat.

Server management for flexible operations

In addition to the improvements in hardware the new generation of PRIMERGY servers with Fujitsu ServerView® software provides a wide range of options for optimized server management. Operation parameters can be managed completely automatically or on a time-controlled basis. It is thus possible to switch between maximum performance and minimum power consumption as required. If, for example, the air-conditioning threatens to overload during peak times or top power prices must be avoided, the power consumption for servers can be restricted. Once the critical phase has been overcome, the servers then return to their original performance level.

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