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FUJITSU Software Interstage Products

The Fujitsu Interstage® Partner Community consists of global systems integrators, consultancy firms, and software solution providers who have joined forces with Fujitsu to deliver customer-centric solutions based on robust, integrated technologies and well-honed implementation best practices.

Current offerings:

  1. Interstage Business Operations Platform
  2. Interstage Process Analytics
  3. XBRL Processor – Interstage XWand
  4. Interstage Business Process Management
  5. Automated Process Discovery Service

Interstage Business Operations Platform
Available on premise or in the cloud, Interstage Business Operations Platform helps IT managers and developers to rapidly model and integrate their entire enterprise business operations landscape, while ensuring that existing IT assets are fully leveraged. It delivers the ability to quickly and easily couple, decouple, recombine and restructure corporate IT systems in the face of changing market demands. This process-driven use of Web Services with SOA provides profound business benefit.

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Interstage Process Analytics
Interstage Process Analytics provides the next generation of process intelligence to improve business performance and achieve dramatic business results. Our solution seamlessly integrates leading technologies from Fujitsu for process discovery with business activity monitoring and analytics. The product enables business users to automatically discover and then monitor in real-time business activities and business processes spanning the extended enterprise.

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XBRL Processor – Interstage XWand
Fujitsu offers easy-to-use software for every stage of eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) implementations. Our software facilitates the integration of XBRL within financial processes, thereby boosting the level of automation and transparency throughout the entire financial reporting cycle. The outcome of  pioneering efforts by Fujitsu to evolve the XBRL standard, Interstage XWand is a market-tested solution used by regulatory bodies, intermediaries, and major enterprises across the world.

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Interstage Business Process Management
The Fujitsu Interstage Business Process Management (BPM) suite helps companies "Sense and Respond" to business changes through continuous process visualization and optimization. The enhanced feature set seamlessly manages the various phases of the business process life-cycle - discovery, refinement, integration, automation, analysis, and optimization - to provide comprehensive process management functionality.

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Automated Process Discovery Service
This new offering from Fujitsu eliminates months of time and labor-intensive exploration. Customers need only provide the existing database logs for the business process they want to visualize. The Fujitsu software tool runs through the data and helps customers visualize their business processes while identifying potential areas for improvement, thus letting organizations immediately discover what often remains invisible.

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Why Partner With Fujitsu?

  • Superior Products
  • The Interstage Suite's strict adherence to interoperability standards allows our partners to seamlessly integrate components with their existing applications
  • Modular architecture of the Interstage offerings makes it easy for partners to embed the components that best fit their needs
  • Extensive integration capabilities from years of working with partners has resulted in offerings that can be quickly and cost-effectively incorporated into existing infrastructure
  • Easily re-brandable software ensures that a partner's solution appears seamless to customers
  • Significant investments in software research development lets our partners rest assured that they have solutions that differentiate them from the competition

Access to Extensive Resources

  • Dedicated Account Managers who invest in understanding a partner's business, in ensuring that all tools and resources are available to them, and in assisting with aligning business goals
  • Ongoing developer-level support is provided to partners to rapidly go to market with solutions
  • Highly experienced consulting teams assist partners during Proof-of-Concepts (POCs), installations, and deployments
  • Established escalation procedures result in quick issue resolution
  • Web access to partner support tools, such as free trial software downloads, partner collateral, and the product Knowledgebase, is available
  • Customized training programs can be delivered on-site, at one of the Fujitsu campuses, or online
  • Engaging product development process that includes periodic product roadmap reviews to ensure product and release alignment
  • Co-marketing funds are allocated and joint marketing activities are outlined to bolster a partner's lead generation and brand awareness efforts
  • Lead referral arrangements can be established as part of the partner program