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Insurance IT Solutions

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CTA-Insurance Data Analytics

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Insurance IT Solutions - supporting your end-to-end digital goals

Empowering your workers to enhance the insurance customer experience

Customer centricity is at the heart of the insurance agenda, but to deliver an enhanced customer experience, insurers must also focus on empowering their employees. To successfully deliver the experience customers now demand and expect day after day, workers require technological empowerment. Through workplace transformation, modernization of applications, and a reduction in legacy systems insurers can empower their workers and enable them to excel in customer service.


Fujitsu Digital Workplace

With Workplace Anywhere, we deliver transformation strategies that securely connect data, applications, and people. Our offering ranges from mobile through to analytics, IoT and AI, with our help you are enabled to:

  • create an agile, happy and digitally connected workforce
  • retain the best industry talent
  • deliver better customer services
  • improve productivity and collaboration

Why the Digital Workplace is key to successfully reshaping Financial Services

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Application Transformation

The lifespan of business applications is often not set in stone. As your organization evolves, applications can remain ‘fit for purpose’, but present operational issues can slow your progress down. At Fujitsu, we can help you to rectify these issues by preparing your systems for digital, streamline processes and introduce new technologies.

Our Application Transformation services are designed to improve agility, efficiency and derive further benefit from your strategic applications. With our help, you can reduce the cost of ownership by up to 70%, and significantly improve usability, functionality and accessibility.

Using our digital platform RunMyProcess, we support business process improvements by the means of optimized and automated solutions. We have the capabilities to replace your low-value, inefficient, repetitive tasks with software robotic solutions that improve quality, effectiveness, compliance, performance and costs.

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Fujitsu XpressWay

Co-creation – overcoming the challenge of insurance transformation

XpressWay is our output-focused pay-for-what-you-use business consultancy service to overcomes the technological challenges of performance optimization. It’s a four-stage process, Discover - Prove - Apply - Evolve, with each stage made up of individually-priced consulting XpressBlocks that offer defined outcomes. You can pick and choose the blocks you need and can join or leave at any stage. XpressWay delivers:.

  • small, modular implementations that reduce risk
  • a flexible and innovative service procurement model to simplify engagement
  • rapid implementation of new capabilities

Why choose Fujitsu as your insurance technology consultants?

We are experts in digital transformation. With our innovative solutions, we enable you to deliver operational excellence, enhance the customer experience, drive profitable growth and transform at speed.

  • We are accredited LEAN practitioners - using Xpressway we identify the processes which need to be optimized and automated.
  • We partner many insurtechs, delivering innovative new applications that run off our Finplex solution.

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