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Insurance Transformation Services


Insurance Transformation Services - cta

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Fujitsu Insurance Digital Transformation

Worldwide, insurance organizations are being placed under intense pressure to adapt and evolve at an unprecedented rate to meet rising consumer demand for innovative new digital services. Today, the digital landscape is being driven forward by the empowered customer, and in this new customer-led environment innovation, value and transparency inspire loyalty.

Within the insurance industry, the customer experience is everything - as highlighted by recent research in which two-thirds of customers stated that it’s the quality of their customer experience that keeps them loyal. Consumers want personalised and seamless user experiences across all channels, and digitalization is key to delivering on this requirement.

For insurers to retain existing customers and attract new ones, they must become digital natives and fully embrace technological advances such as IoT, AI and Robotics. Those insurance service providers who fail to adapt and evolve, risk losing out to their competitors that do.

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Insurance-boxes_Enabling IT

Enabling IT to support customer goals at scale

Empowering your workers to enhance the insurance customer experience with Fujitsu Digital Workplace offering, Fujitsu Global Application Modernization service, and Fujitsu XpressWay Business Consulting

Insurance-boxes_Customer-led innovation

Customer-led innovation for the digital world

Fujitsu digital transformation offerings for insurers – Fujitsu IoT solutions, Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 and Fujitsu Finplex Financial Solution.

Insurance-boxes_Achieve 360

Achieve 360 customer view of risk and reduce the cost of fraud

Fujitsu IT security solutions - protecting your data and systems from attack

Co-creating tomorrow's insurer video

Why choose Fujitsu for your insurance transformation?

For over 40 years, we have been a trusted insurance IT solutions provider to the financial services sector. We have in-depth understanding of the demanding climate in which you operate, and have the digital solutions you need to face the challenges of the future.

At Fujitsu, we take a co-creation approach to solution design, development and implementation. Working together we can deliver a digitally enhanced experience that can enable you to compete with insurtechs on a level playing field. Our digital solutions can meet your specific insurance industry needs, help you to stay ahead of market change, solve current challenges, and create new opportunities.

We offer a broad range of solutions that transform operations, streamline processes, detect fraud and connect you with your customers. In collaborating with us you are enabled to:

  • Improve business efficiencies by delivering IT systems and processes to support customer centricity on a broad scale.
  • Deliver customer-led innovation to improve the customer experience.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention levels in a rapidly changing digital world.
  • Achieve a 360° view of the customer to deliver a full view of risk and reduce the cost of fraud.
  • Reduce operating costs to drive profitable growth.
  • Grow into new business areas.

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With our Fujitsu UBIQUITOUSWARE offering, emergency services are now enabled to track the wellbeing of individuals working out in the field.

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Belfius_BankBelfius Bank - Belgium

As a highly-secure biometric signature solution, Sign’IT enables Belfius‘ customers to open an banking account within five minutes.

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Nanto_BankNanto Bank - Japan

Using our mBaaS service which is based on Fujitsu MetaArc, we have integrated the management of multi-vendor smartphone apps.

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