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NOTE: this is an archived page and the content is likely to be out of date.

Terms of Use for FUJITSU websites

1. General

Any and all use of the FUJITSU Web Site (“Web Site”) is subject to these Terms of Use. FUJITSU reserves the right to amend, modify or replace these Terms of Use at any time and without further notice. Upon logging-in, or where a log-in is not required, on accessing or using the Web Site, you are accepting these Terms of Use in their current version as basis for the use of this Web Site. Any use of the FUJITSU Web Site is at your own risk.

2. Accessibility of Web Site

FUJITSU does not warrant the continuous availability of the Web Site. FUJITSU additionally reserves the right to suspend or stop or limit access to the Web Site at any time and without further notice.

3. Use of Web Site

All information made public by FUJITSU will be provided for the user – unless stated otherwise – free of charge. Every user may use and document the offered information for his/her own personal needs. Any other use of the information, especially any type of replication, alteration, or integration in any type of publishing or advertisement of any type is only permitted with prior consent of FUJITSU or the particular owner of the information.

4. Rights in Contents on Web Site

FUJITSU specifically draws attention to the fact that contents and information can be subject to protective rights; any such protective rights (esp. copyright, names and trademarks) shall remain property of FUJITSU at all times. Neither this Web Site, nor any material contained therein shall in any way grant or be taken to grant any person a license to FUJITSU’s intellectual property, including its patents, trademarks and copyrights.

In addition, while accessing and or using the FUJITSU Web Site the user shall ensure not to engage in any of the following activities: - breach public morality in its manner of use; - violate any intellectual property right or any other proprietary right; - upload any contents containing a virus, so-called Trojan Horse, or any other program that could damage data; - transmit, store or upload hyperlinks or contents to which the user is not entitled, in particular in cases where such hyperlinks or contents are in breach of confidentiality obligations or unlawful; or - distribute advertising or unsolicited e-mails (so-called "spam") or inaccurate warnings of viruses, defects or similar material and the user shall not solicit or request the participation in any lottery, snow-ball system, chain letter, pyramid game or similar activity Furthermore, FUJITSU shall not be liable for any damages, which result from any misconduct of the user with the information supplied.

5. No Warranties or Representations for Content

All information on this Web Site is provided by FUJITSU "as is" and to the extent permitted by law, is provided without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, including but not limited to any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for any particular purpose, or non-infringement. While all information provided is believed to be accurate, it may include errors or inaccuracies. As far as content on this Web Site originates from a third party, it has been adopted without any alteration.

6. Third Party Web Pages

The Web Site may also contain links and references to the web site of third parties. FUJITSU shall have no liability for the contents of such web sites and does not make representations about or endorse such web sites or their contents as its own, as FUJITSU does not have control over the information or contents on such web sites.

7. Linking to a FUJITSU site

In some cases you may create links in other websites to point to the Web Site but this is allowed only in line with the following terms and in compliance with all applicable laws.

  • Not to replicate any materials (including any logos and graphics of FUJITSU);
  • Not to create a browser or border environment around any materials;
  • Not to imply that FUJITSU endorses such web site or any products, services, or content available through such website;
  • Not to misrepresent its relationship with FUJITSU;
  • Not to present false or misleading information about FUJITSU, its products, its services and partners;
  • Not to include content that could be construed as distasteful, offensive, or controversial; and

8. Software Download

If software should offered for download by FUJITSU, any and all use of such software shall be subject to the relevant license conditions of the legitimate supplier or the particular manufacturer (license agreement). These terms will be transferred together with the software and/or are obtainable from the manufacturer/legitimate supplier of the software.

9. Exchanging diagnostic data with FUJITSU

To assist you by identification of a registered problem with a product or a service, our support staff may request you to send FUJITSU the problem information, systems data, diagnostic data, etc., or that our FUJITSU support staff is able to view it with you electronically by remote services we offer. FUJITSU uses the information about your reported errors and problems only to solve your problem and to improve our products and services, and assist with its provision of related support offerings. For these purposes, FUJITSU may use FUJITSU entities and registered subcontractors (including in one or more countries other than in which you as customer are located), and you allow FUJITSU to do so. You confirm that you have the right to provide us with the data you send to us regarding your problems and errors for the purpose of analyzing that data. You confirm that this data could have an impact to local and international data protection law and that you have the permission to transfer this to FUJITSU only for support cases.

10. Export and import regulations, personal data

When making any data you make available to FUJITSU, you shall be responsible for the security and process regarding transmission, backup and recovery of data. You will not send or provide FUJITSU access to any personally-identifiable information, whether in data or any other form, and will be responsible for reasonable costs and other amounts that FUJITSU may incur relating to any such information mistakenly provided or make it visible to FUJITSU or the loss or disclosure of such information by FUJTISU, including those arising out of any third party claims.

When transferring data to FUJITSU, you shall ensure that none of the data exported to, accessed by or viewed by FUJITSU is controlled or fall the export control regulations of Singapore.

11. Important Notice on Computer Viruses

Although FUJITSU makes every endeavor to keep the FUJITSU Web Site free from viruses, FUJITSU cannot provide any warranty or guarantee that it is virus-free. The user shall, for its own protection, take the necessary steps to ensure appropriate security measures and shall utilize a virus scanner before downloading any information, software or documentation.

12. Limitation of Liability

In no event shall FUJITSU be liable for loss of use, loss of data, loss of profits, loss of goodwill, or any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages arising from the use of or inability to use the FUJITSU Web Site, even if advised of the possibility of such damages

13. Jurisdiction / Applicable Law

These Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws Singapore. All disputes arising out of or in connection with these Terms of Use shall be in Singapore.