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Fujitsu Financial Services IT Solutions – Open Banking EcoSystems

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Fujitsu digitalization delivers Open Banking EcoSystems

With a capable cloud service underpinned by Fujitsu single enterprise cloud platform K5 and digital business platform MetaArc, you can enable the open bank ecosystem. Finplex is our solution tailored to financial services, giving support to your entire digital transformation; from mobile through to analytics, the internet of things and artificial intelligence.

Banking IT solutions for successful Open Banking transformation

At Fujitsu, we are experts in digitalization and have vast experience helping organizations around the globe to transform. We have an extensive range of digital offerings which include:

Finplex Financial Solution

Finplex is our dedicated approach for transformation within the financial services sector. It puts you at the forefront of disruption, and creates connections between businesses using Fujitsu Knowledge Integration. Built on our MetaArc Digital Business Platform, Finplex is co-created with you to serve your exact business requirements, enable you to take control of digitization and transcend sector boundaries. Our Finplex solution enables you to:

maintain and secure existing systems of record
integrate new systems that drive digital transformation
develop and create new banking services at speed

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Cloud Service K5

At the heart of Finplex is Fujitsu Cloud Service K5, a single enterprise cloud platform for simplifying digital transformation. As the most open, agile and compatible cloud platform on the market today, K5 supports both systems of record (robust IT) and systems of engagement (fast IT), simultaneously enabling infrastructure modernization and the development of new digital services.

With K5 you can:

Achieve a new level of operational excellence. You can lower costs and increase responsiveness, and with a range of public and private deployment modes available, you gain the flexibility and efficiency of a Hybrid IT environment.
Unlock the value contained in existing legacy IT, through seamless integration with new cloud-native and mobile applications.
Be confidently compliant with geographic, industry and security-based regulations.
Enhance your customer experience: rapidly develop, deploy and scale new digital services.

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Zinrai Artificial Intelligence

In the future, Artificial Intelligence will exist as one of four core technologies driving digital transformation. Business decisions will be made based on deep learning algorithms and predictive intelligence, making organizations smarter and more agile.

With Zinrai we bring together all Fujitsu AI technologies, which are the culmination of 30 years of research and more than 100 patented technologies. Built on our MetaArc Digital Business Platform, Zinrai provides 30 APIs which are divided into functions for sensing and recognition, knowledge processing, and decision and support. Through Zinrai, you are enabled to assemble your own AI-powered system to refine and encourage growth.