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Legacy Modernization

Fujitsu have created a global Legacy Modernization offering whose mission is to assist organizations in gaining the greatest benefit from the investment already made in their existing applications and to reduce or remove the issues and risks that the systems maybe causing the organization.

The Legacy Modernization offering is focused on the business enablement needs of our clients and the enormous potential that the existing systems possess. Your organization has invested a great deal of time and effort in ensuring the systems conform to your business requirements and Legacy Modernization can take them that extra step which improves longevity, usability, functionality and accessibility, whilst reducing the issues that may be hampering the systems such as vendor lock-in, unacceptable costs, technological redundancy, skills rarity and unacceptable time to market.

Fujitsu have built a globally available modernization offering with our program partners that covers many of the business and technology requirements you may need to get the most from your system portfolio. Starting with Application Value Assessments and progressing on the journey with you all the way through to deployment, Fujitsu and our partners have the skills and experience to guide you on the journey to ensure you receive the sort of business enablement that you desire.

Application Value Assessment OPTIMIZATION Services

Fujitsu Application Value Assessment uses our experience across modernization scenarios to discover the possible alternatives for your portfolio.

Data Migration picture of binary code

Fujitsu’s Data Migration capabilities revolve around ensuring that the data which is critical to you organization is held in the most suitable data store for your circumstances. We utilise Fujitsu Intellectual Property such as Progression and our Legacy Modernization partners to supply a wide range of high quality options.

Interface Modernization Interface Modernization

Fujitsu’s Legacy Modernization capability “Interface Modernization” covers a number of separate but often inter-related options.

Major Client Drivers for Modernization Major Client Driver For Modernization

Throughout the years of experience Fujitsu has in Legacy Modernization we have seen a great number of drivers which have resulted in clients requesting us to undertaken Legacy Modernization projects. Some are admittedly quite unique whilst the vast majority have common drivers which occur in many organizations.

Partner Program Partner Program

In order to help facilitate the modernization requirements of Fujitsu’s clients, we have created a partner program for a limited number of organizations that have proved to be the best in their field. This allows us to present to the market a very wide and deep set of capabilities which are available throughout the world. To see the menu of capabilities available through the offering please click the “Capability Menu” Button

System Analytics System Analytics

Fujitsu and our Legacy Modernization partners have an impressive array of Systems Analysis tools at our disposal.

System Migration System Migration

This capability within Legacy Modernization is to convert the technology on which the system is built into more modern, robust and future proof alternatives

Cloud Services Cloud Modernization

Fujitsu’s Legacy Modernization Offering includes several options that allow clients to take advantage of cloud services for your existing legacy applications.