Non-volatile Memory with very small operating current


(Resistive Random Access Memory)

Our ReRAM features the industry's smallest read current. It's optimal for battery-operated small wearable devices like hearing aids


ReRAM which stands for Resistive Random Access Memory is a non-volatile memory with excellent features as low power consumption and fast write. This memory has the industry's smallest read current and optimal for wearable devices and hearing aids.
The ReRAM has a simple structure of metal oxide placed between electrodes and its manufacturing process is very simple. It records "1 or 0" of data by massive changes in resistance created applying a pulse voltage a metal oxide thin film.
The following document introduces the overview of ReRAM in detail.

Usage Cases (Applications)

Smart Watch

Smart Glasses

Hearing Aids

Product Lineup

Part NumberDatasheetMemory DensityPower Supply VoltageOperating Freq.Operating Temp.Read currentRead cyclePackageProduct DetailsAvailability
MB85AS12MT12Mbit1.6 to 3.6V10MHz-40 to +85℃Max 1.0mAUnlimitedWLCSP-11ES samples
MB85AS8MT8Mbit1.6 to 3.6V10MHz-40 to +85℃Max 0.7mAUnlimitedWLCSP-11In production

* Interface is SPI.


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