Fujitsu Semiconductor Memory Solution

Our Technology is There to Support YouWe are offering the high quality and high performance LSI memory products, which are essential for enhanced digital applications, through its manufacturing and development over many years. In addition to offering LSI memory products for the greater miniaturization, higher performance, and lower power consumption in recent years, we also propose the best solutions combined with memory to meet customers’ needs.

Company Overview

You can see corporate profile, location of head office, sales offices, and our environmental activities.


You can see details of our non-volatile memory products, FRAM and ReRAM.


You can ask us about general questions on our company/products, how to get evaluation samples, and how to purchase memory products via inquiry form and sales offices.

Support & Activity

You can see our response to EU RoHS/China RoHS, our quality and reliability assurance system, and Fujitsu group’s policy etc.

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