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G610 Bill Recycling Unit

A NEW ERA OF CASH CYCLE MANAGEMENT 'Deposit and Dispense Bills' Powerful Multi-Cassette Bill Recycler

Product Outline

  • G610 is a bill recycling unit corresponding to a wide variety of bank note sizes worldwide.
  • Expandable up to 4 cassettes, 2,300 notes/cassette
  • Support major currencies
  • Easily built-in "Through the Wall"

Main Features

High security

  • The module structure to place its entire unit in the UL and/or the CEN-4 compliant safes
  • Advanced banknote validation
  • Easily built into "Through-the-Wall" ATMs

Quick ATM development

  • Slot-type presenter (4 lengths options) with design affinity of familiar cash dispensing devices
  • Compact size module with slide rails
  • Compliant to the world standard CEN/XFS 3.0, and USB1.1 interface

High flexibility

  • The deposit cassette and the recycle cassette can be configured in any combination from 1 cassette to 4 cassettes.

Easy maintenance

  • Easy to remove jammed papers from the safe by pulling out the entire module