Advanced Media Dispensing Unit

F510 Bill Dispensing Unit

World-proven performance Powerful Multi-Cassette Media Dispensing Unit

Product Outline

  • F510 is an advanced media dispenser with high speed, large capacity, and reliable stability.
  • Expandable up to 5 cassettes, 3,000 notes/cassette.
  • Support major currencies.

Main Features

  • 3,000 notes per cassette, expandable up to 5 cassettes, 15,000 notes in all
  • Front or rear access configuration
  • Bill retract function
  • RS232C interface
  • Advanced remote diagnosties to help detect problems


Items Specifications
Dimensions (W x D x H)
274mm x 752mm x 810mm (Front Access)
274mm x 757mm x 810mm (Rear Access)
Weight (W/O media) Approx. 72kg
Service Access Front or Rear
Number of Cassettes Up to 5 Cassettes
Bill Count Speed 7 Bills / Second *
*It depends on the size and condition of notes.
Media Spec. Dimension Max. 82mm x 172mm
Min. 60mm x 120mm
Thickness 0.07 - 0.18 mm Banknotes
Bills / Transaction 60 Bills / Transaction
Bill Retrieval Yes / Bunch Presenter
Shutter Option
Capacities / Denomination Bill storage area: 370mm
New US Note 3000 Each Cassette
Reject Bin Integrated in 1st Cassette
Reject Bill Area Capacity Approx. 150 Bills
Bill Low Sensor Adjustable - Factory Set
Approx. 100 Notes
Interface RS232C
Electrical Power Requirements DC +24V +-10%
Max. 10A
Ave. 4A
Temperature Operation 0 ºC - 40 ºC
Stop State -5 ºC - 50 ºC
Relative Humidity Operation 10% - 85%
Stop State 8% - 95%
  • Note 1: Above specifications may be changed without prior notice.
  • Note 2: You may need to check beforehand whether the cash handling machine can handle your banknotes (including polymer banknotes) even if they are within the specified media range.


F510 Brochure


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