We fulfill our environmental compliance thoroughly, for instance, by setting original criterion stricter than legal ones, in the purpose of mitigating the environmental risks such as contamination, destruction of ecosystem and climate change to the minimum.

Response to Environmental Risks

 We, cooperating with Fujitsu Limited, make thorough efforts to comply with the environmental laws and ordinances related to climate change, waste or the like, which are applicable to our each site, as well as regulations related to products, which are represented by "RoHS" (*1), in order to mitigate the environmental risks to the minimum.
 Specifically, we not only monitor the status of the environmental legal requirements inside and outside Japan, but establish and operate the system to evaluate compliance with them. In addition, we, through internal audits, environmental patrol and so on, establish the system to see if our operations meet legal requirements, and to take prompt corrective actions in time of any important defects occurring. Moreover, we take into account, the aspects of "human resource" including the retention of personnel with legal qualification and the implementation of emergency drills.

*1: Directive on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical Equipment

Environmental patrol
Drill in case of spillage from 3D printer

Response to the environmental regulations related to products

 Under the circumstance that many people have more and more interests in the issues such as the safety of products and the impacts on the environment affected by products, many environmental regulations related to products are being enacted and reinforced throughout the world. Due to the fact we deliver our products to the global markets broadly under the above trend, we establish the system to manage regulated chemical substances in products per each internal process from the development until the shipping, and to meet rules of chemically hazardous products like RoHS (*1) and REACH (*2), so that we can provide our customers with compatible products.

*2: Regulation concerning Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals

Measures against climate change

 We contribute to the measures against climate change, through the efforts in design and development process to improve energy efficiency of our products, which are placed on the market.
 On the other hand, in the aspects of our business, because we are designated as a "specified business" (which consumes energy equivalent to crude oil of no less than 1,500kl) defined by "Act on the Rationalizing Use of Energy and Shifting to Non-fossil Energy” in Japan, we take actions on the voluntary target required by this act which defines "To let energy consumption per unit be improved to 1% or more on average annually", and report to the government regularly.
 We have been awarded "S Class (an excellent enterprise)" for 8 consecutive years in "Classification and Evaluation Scheme of Enterprise" since FY2016, when this scheme had been launched based on the act.
 Incidentally, accompanied by the revision of the Act in April 2023, we are going to set “a target related to a ratio of non-fossil energy in electricity consumptions toward FY2030” and to take actions.
 In addition, we, following the enforcement of "Act on Rational Use and Proper Management of Fluorocarbons" from April 2015 in Japan, established in-house structure like a special management department, so that we can manage class I specified products (mainly industrial air conditioners and refrigerators) properly, including the calculation of amount of leaked fluorocarbons. And, we also take measures like the simple inspection at each division owning class I specified products thoroughly, to curb GHG emissions caused by leaked fluorocarbons.
 Outside Japan, FDTP, one of our Group companies, has finished building up energy management structure within the plants by establishing EnMS (energy management system), appointing energy managers and so on, in order to reduce GHG emissions, following legal requirements of Republic Act No. 11285 named "An Act Institutionalizing Energy Efficiency And Conservation, Enhancing The Efficient Use Of Energy, And Granting Incentives To Energy Efficiency And Conservation Projects" put into force in November 2019 in Philippines.

Simple inspection of compressor units

Waste management

 We also contribute to the reduction of waste generations, through the efforts in design and development process to improve resource efficiency of our products, which are placed on the market.
 On the other hand, due to the responsibility of a "waste generating business", we, in cooperation within Fujitsu Group, see regularly if the waste we consigned venders is processed properly, through performing on-site inspection of industrial waste venders.

Sorting of trash and valuables

Chemical control

 We control chemicals in terms of the volume of usage and storage, which we use within our sites, mainly to mitigate the impacts on the environment and human being to the minimum. In particular, we acquire SDSs (safety data sheets) on chemicals used within our sites, and perform the risk assessments, to prevent from having negative impacts on staff using chemicals.
 In addition, following the enforcement of new chemicals regulation based on Industrial Safety and Health Act in Japan, we have made preparations for the compliance with the new legal requirements relevant to risk assessment and so on, for example, by holding in-house orientation for departments which have opportunities to use chemicals.

Environmental measurement

 To monitor if our business activities at each site have the environmental impacts on neighborhood, we perform environmental measurement including water quality, noise and vibration, on a regular basis, by setting original criterion stricter than legal ones (As for a part of items, we also perform voluntary measurement to monitor the status of the fluctuation, continuously.).
 In addition, we hold "Review meeting", after finishing the environmental measurement, to review the results of it, and to make decisions like the corrective actions as needed.

Measurement of grand water

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