Transition of the business

1940 Founds in Tsubame-machi, Nishikambara-gun (current Tsubame-shi), Niigata prefecture, under the name of KANAIWA KOUSAKUSHO CO., LIMITED. (which started as a company privately managed by Kiichi Hasegawa and produced western style tableware).
1944 FUJI TSUSHINKI Manufacturing Corporation (current FUJITSU LIMITED.) undertakes all shares and changes the company name to KAMBARA KIKAI KOGYO LIMITED.
1946 Begins manufacture and sales of parts for telephones and switchboards.
1956 Begins manufacture of display devices, from design to manufacture and testing.
1962 Establishes the Yoshida Plant (current Niigata Plant) in Yoshida-machi, Nishikambara-gun (current Yoshida Higashi Sakae-cho, Tsubame-shi), Niigata prefecture.
1963 Establishes the Yanokuchi Plant (current Headquarters/Tokyo Plant) in Inagi-machi, Minamitama-gun (current Inagi-shi), Tokyo.
1966 Relocates the head office from Yoshida Plant (current Niigata Plant) to Yanokuchi Plant (current Headquarters /Tokyo Plant).
1970 Changes the company name to KAMBARA KIKAI DENSHI LIMITED.
1971 Begins independent sales of press dies and molds.
1972 Changes the company name to FUJITSU KIDEN LIMITED.
1974 Begins development, manufacture and sales of financial terminal systems.
1980 Begins development, manufacture and sales of retail terminal systems.
1982 Begins development, manufacture and sales of OA terminal systems.
1984 Begins development and manufacture of bill recycling unit for financial terminal systems.
1988 Qualifies for listing in the 2nd section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1996 Establishes a subsidiary FUJITSU DIE-TECH CORPORATION OF THE PHILIPPINES in Philippines.
1998 Establishes a subsidiary FKM Co., Ltd. in South Korea.
2001 Transfers the manufacture of electronic equipment from FUJITSU Kumagaya Plant.
Integrates development and manufacture teamof dedicated terminals including ATM and POS from Fujitsu Limited.
2002 Changes the company name to FUJITSU FRONTECH LIMITED.
2004 Begins development, manufacture and sales of palm vein authentications and related software.
2005 Receives a transfer of all stocks of Fujitsu Terminal Systems LIMITED. (current Fujitsu Frontech Systems LIMITED) and institutes it as a subsidiary company.
Integrates software and service business for dedicated terminals such as ATM and help desk business for retail industry from Fujitsu Limited.
Begins development, manufacture and sales of UHF RFID tags.
2009 Establishes Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc. (FUJITSU FRONTECH LIMITED purchases 100% shares of FUJITSU TRANSACTION SOLUTIONS INC. and institutes it as a subsidiary company.)
Receives a transfer of 100% of TOTALIZATOR ENGINEERING LIMITED shares from FUJITSU FSAS INC., and institutes it as a subsidiary company.
Transfers sales team of terminals for local public racing courses from Fujitsu Limited.
Establishes the consistence system, handling sales and maintenance in addition to conventional product development and manufacture, by the wholly acquisition of TOTALIZATOR ENGINEERING LIMITED.
Transfers advanced technology team of palm vein authentication from Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc., which is a subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited, to Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc.
2011 TOKAI ENGINEER LIMITED. becomes a subsidiary of TOTALIZATOR ENGINEERING LIMITED (by purchasing additional shares).
Chungho ComNet Co., Ltd. acquires all shares of FKM Co., Ltd. aiming to expand sales of ATMs in South Korea and other global markets.
2016 Transfers development and manufacture team of POS terminals to Fujitsu Limited.
2017 Establishes Positek RFID, Inc. (Later merged with Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc.)
2018 FUJITSU FRONTECH LIMITED and Chungho ComNet Co., Ltd jointly establishes FUJITSU FRONTECH CHUNGHO GLOBAL PRODUCTS Co. Ltd. in South Korea.
UHF RFID linen tag reaches 100 million cumulative shipments.
Sales of PalmSecure, a palm vein authentication sensor, hit one million mark.
2019 Establishes a branch office in India.
2020 Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc. acquires Fulcrum Biometrics, LLC. (Current Fulcrum Biometrics, Inc.)
Becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited.