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ATLAS translation software

July 12, 2005 JST


If you are a user of Fujitsu’s ATLAS or TransLingGO products be advised that there may be a security vulnerability with such products in conjunction with certain usages. To ensure that you do not encounter such problems please read the following information, and apply the updated programs to your ATLAS and TransLinGO! Files as soon as possible.

1. Overview of the Security Vulnerability

(1) Vulnerability due to differences of the security zones

When website content is accessed by your browser there is the possibility that certain scripts which are not expected to be executed at the internet level will instead execute within your computer when accessed for translation by the product versions referenced below. This possibility may occur because of different levels of system security at the internet level versus the security levels for individual machines. Depending on the scripts that execute in the worst case, your system environment may be disabled or data stored in the system may be wrongfully accessed or altered by a third party.

(2) Vulnerability with the function of automatic updating

The versions of ATLAS listed below have an automatic update function for purposes of updating dictionaries and other modules. This updating feature has a vulnerability related to protections against third parties spoofing as a Fujitsu site.

2. Affected Products

The affected products listed below include only those products for which an English version has been released.

ATLAS Double Pack V9.0
ATLAS Super Pack V9.0
ATLAS Double Pack Upgrade Kit V9.0
ATLAS Super Pack Upgrade Kit V9.0
ATLAS Double Pack V10.0
ATLAS Super Pack V10.0
ATLAS Double Pack Upgrade Kit V10.0
ATLAS Super Pack Upgrade Kit V10.0
ATLAS Double Pack V11.0
ATLAS Super Pack V11.0
ATLAS Double Pack Upgrade Kit V11.0
ATLAS Super Pack Upgrade Kit V11.0

TransLinGO! V2.0
TransLinGO! Plus V2.0

3. Correction Procedure

You can help protect your computer by installing the following correction module which may be found and downloaded at the below pages. For details on how to apply and install the module, please refer to the download pages.

ATLAS Security Patch
TransLinGO! Security Patch

4. Inquiries

For inquiries regarding this issue, please refer to the contact information below.

ATLAS Support Center (Japanese only)