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Server monitoring and administration of SPARC T4

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SPARC T4-4, T4-2 and T4-1 are monitored and administered using Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM). This is supported by a dedicated in-cabinet service processor separate from all other processors.

ILOM regularly monitors key server components including CPU, memory, disks, fan rotation and device temperatures. Monitored information is stored in the service processor. ILOM operation is not affected by and isolated from OS and server hardware failures.

ILOM has a simple and intuitive “look and feel”. Communication between server and ILOM console is encrypted and protected by SSH and SSL (*1) .

The exact and timely server status obtained using these service processors lessens the load on system administrators and reduces administrative costs.

*1 Telnet is not available for connecting to ILOM

Server Administration and Operation

SPARC Enterprise regularly monitors key server components including, CPU, memory, PCI slots, fan rotation and device temperatures.

Any error in the server cabinet is notified and stored in service processors. System administrators monitor and administer server status via a PC connected to the service processor(s) by LAN.

These functions enable swift identification of component errors and detailed analysis of system operation.

Figurer : Server administration and operation

Remote Monitoring

Remote Server monitoring via LAN is also possible. Data encryption and protection, using the supported protocols such as SSL and SSH, secures total data transmission between the server and the administrator. IPMP (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) is also supported.

You are able to select those ILOM functions suited to your system operation.

Server monitoring and operation via Web Browser

Server monitoring and operations including power-on/off from a remote site can be performed via LAN.

Server monitoring and operation via Web Browser

Server monitoring and operation using Shell

Using Secure Shell (SSH), server surveillance using command shell is possible. ILOM supports SMASH as the industrial standard, and also supports ALOM commands.

Server monitoring and operation using Shell

Error notification by E-mail

Errors occurring on the server are notified via E-mail to mobile phones or PCs. This allows remotely located system administrators to obtain timely monitoring information and take swift action to maintain system health.

Error notification by E-mail


Access permission to ILOM operations can be finely controlled using ILOM user accounts. For instance, a user account with permission for server monitoring but a veto on power control is protected from possible mistaken power-off operation.

Dividing permitted operations to different accounts enables secure system administration. It also avoids malicious or fatal operational mistakes.

ILOM supports industrial standard authentication protocols such as LDAP, Active Directory and RADUIS.