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Oracle OpenWorld 2011 Report from a Correspondent

Oracle OpenWorld 2011 Report from a Correspondent

October, 2011

Over 45,000 people from 117 countries visited Oracle OpenWorld 2011 at Moscone Center San Francisco. Fujitsu attended the world’s largest event as a Grande sponsor.

Opening of Oracle OpenWorld 2011

Almost all streets and buildings around Moscone Center were colored Oracle red.

Photo 1 Entrance to Moscone Center turns red
Photo 2 Oracle’s tents standing side by side on Howard Street

Fujitsu Exhibition Booth

Photo 3 A Callaway golf prize to the winner!

The K computer jointly developed by RIKEN and Fujitsu, which achieved world’s #1 performance, and the latest Fujitsu products and solutions, were exhibited at the Fujitsu booth. With Fujitsu technology exhibitions and a popular golf game, the booth was full of visitors.

Also exhibited were the SPARC64 VIIIfx and 6-Dimensional Mesh/Torus topology network technology in the K computer designed and developed by Fujitsu.

For more the K computer technology, visit

Photo 4 Visitors listen to an explanation of the K computer

Fujitsu Executive Solution Session

Fujitsu Executive Solution Session was conducted by Goro Watanabe, Senior Vice President of Fujitsu Management Services of America, Inc. At the entrance to the hall, T-shirts showing the K computer logo were handed to visitors.

Photo 5 Fujitsu staff welcome visitors
Photo 6 A staff member thoroughly checks a panel prior to the session
Photo 7 Backstage staff preparing for the session

The session presented technologies for natural disaster prevention and mitigation developed in Japan as well as the K computer.

>> Oracle OpenWorld 2011 Report – Fujitsu Executive Solution Session –

Photo 8 Goro Watanabe enthusiastically presenting Fujitsu’s technologies

Watanabe discussed the situation in Japan following the earthquake and Fujitsu’s technologies that support the K computer. The audience clearly enjoyed his enthusiastic presentation.

He also conveyed Japan’s gratitude to the audience for everyone who supported those suffered as a result of the earthquake, and closed the session to tumultuous applause.