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High Database Performance

High Database Performance

High Database Performance

April 12, 2011

The compact and high-performance SPARC Enterprise M3000 with clock enhanced 2.86GHz SPARC64 VII+ processor, has improved compute-intensive performance by 20% compared with previous models (*1).

*1 Base and Peak values of SPECfp_rate2006 with SPARC Enterprise M3000(SPARC64 VII+, 2.86GHz, 4cores) are 45.6 and 48.4. Corresponding benchmark results with SPARC Enterprise M3000(SPARC64 VII, 2.75GHz, 4cores) are 38.1 and 40.4.

Continuous improvement, SPARC Enterprise M3000 has 3.9 times the performance of former generation Fujitsu UNIX server PRIMEPOWER 250.

Relative Performance of Fujitsu UNIX Server*2


*2 PRIMEPOWER and SPARC Enterprise performance, Fujitsu OLTP performance test results. To compare performance of SPARC Enterprise products, SPECfp_rate2006 performance is used. For detail of SPECfp_rate2006, please see

Cost Reductions from Server Consolidation

With such high performance and reliability, SPARC Enterprise M3000 is an optimum platform for UNIX server consolidation.

By consolidating four PRIMEPOWER 250(SPARC64 V, 1.98 GHz, 2CPU) servers into one M3000 server, TCO is greatly improved – from server administration, maintenance, and power cost reductions.

After consolidation power consumption is reduced to one-fifth, and space requirements to one quarter.

Server administration and maintenance costs reduce in line with the smaller server count.

Figure 3

*Performance of PRIMEPOWER and SPARC Enterprise is based on OLTP performance measured at Fujitsu. CPU utilization rate of PRIMEPOWER 250 is assumed 80%.

Rock Solid Security

Robust security is the ‘must-have’ with mission critical systems. This is what SPARC Enterprise with Oracle Solaris delivers. This best-matched mission critical platform will minimize the risk of any malicious action.

For instance, a hacker might obtain root privilege information for a Web server to maliciously modify system information or obtain confidential data. SPARC Enterprise minimizes the possibility of such an intrusion by only attaching necessary privileges to user accounts. So, Web servers on SPARC Enterprise run without root privileges (*3). While ID and password theft might allow programs to execute and send or receive network data, they are not allowed to access confidential data or modify system information. That is because the IDs have no right to read such information.

Another example is an attack on network programs. Typically the OS starts standard internet services automatically. Some of these services can receive data without negotiating with the peer. This means an attacker can blast major volumes of data at such a service until the server is disrupted. What’s worse, nobody would normally notice such a loophole until it is too late.

With SPARC Enterprise, only services you define are started. This blocks such automated access. In addition, minimal and secure service definition (generic_limited_net.xml) and the Oracle Security Tool Kit are also available to futher protect you.

*3 Minimal privileges such as proc_exec, proc_fork、net_privaddr are given to allow program execution,
spawn new process, and send/receive network messages.

For details, please refer to the whitepaper below.
Oracle Whitepaper “How to Eliminate Web Page Hijacking Using Oracle Solaris 10 Security

SPARC Enterprise Supports Public Infrastructure

SPARC Enterprise M3000 servers have been selected for mission critical systems in many important locations. In China for example, dozens of M3000 are to be used to help remove or alleviate traffic congestion.

In the largest city in Jiansu Province, the Suzhou subway is planning and constructing four subway lines. The first is 25 km long and connects 24 stations from east to west of the city. It will commence its operation in 2012. Here the compact, cost-efficient, and secure SPARC Enterprise M3000 will be used to support power supervision, automated subway control as well as management of the light railway.


Due to its high database performance and rigorous security, the compact SPARC Enterprise M3000 is a best-matched platform for online and database processing. Fujitsu and Oracle are also partnering to ensure that such server solutions will continue to matched the requirements of mission critical systems well into the future.