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Performance Upgrade for SPARC Enterprise Mission Critical Models

Performance Upgrade for SPARC Enterprise Mission Critical Models

SPARC Enterprise Mission Critical Models
The Next Big Step from Fujitsu and Oracle

December 2nd, 2010

SPARC64 VII+ processor

The announcement of enhanced SPARC Enterprise with new SPARC64 VII+ processors (Max.3.0GHz, 12MB L2 cache), means more than 20% uplift in application performance, compared to systems using SPARC64 VII.

By this performance enhancement, Fujitsu has proved once again that SPARC Enterprise is the right platform to both drive business growth and slash server operating costs. This is also the first milestone of the Fujitsu and Oracle SPARC Enterprise enhancement plan (117 KB), announced at Oracle Open World 2010.

Painless up-grades with SPARC Enterprise

By extending the performance scalability and binary compatibility by processor upgrade, the new SPARC Enterprise will help you to grow your businesses without pain. Plus, with the newest OS and Oracle Database, a SPARC Enterprise M8000 can now scale to around 2.5 times the OLTP performance of PRIMEPOWER 1500, with the same number of cores *1. This means an upgrade to a new SPARC Enterprise can create a much larger landscape for workload growth.

Importantly all applications running on Oracle Solaris 10 OS can also run on SPARC Enterprise without re-compilation.

OLTP performance comparison (SPARC Enterprise/PRIMEPOWER)

*1 According to performance test result conducted by Fujitsu.

Slashing TCO to the bone with SPARC Enterprise

The new SPARC64 VII+ processors, let you enjoy dramatic TCO reductions in Oracle support, license charges, and power consumption.

SPARC Enterprise will allow you to reduce your Oracle database support charges compared to the corresponding PRIMEPOWER model. For example, a 16 core M4000 with higher database performance than the equivalent 16 core PRIMEPOWER 850, can reduce ongoing charges to one-eleventh of what you are paying with the PRIMEPOWER model.

Oracle DB support charge comparison *1

*1 This comparison is base on the following Oracle Database product US Price List:

An Upgrade from PRIMEPOWER 850 to SPARC Enterprise M4000 means important Green performance improvements.

  • Power consumption can be reduced by 56 percent
  • Server space will reduce by nearly two-thirds.
SPARC Enterprise M4000 PRIMEPOWER 850
Max. Power Consumption [watts] 0.44 [1692] 1.0 [3850]
Server Space [Rack Units] 0.35 [6] 1.0 [17]

Older Platform Virtualization using Solaris Container

The high performance of SPARC Enterprise is driven by the top blend of Fujitsu SPARC64 processors and Oracle Solaris OS.

Solaris 10 OS has unique virtualization called Solaris Containers. This enables older Solaris OS versions to be smoothly integrated, with minimum effort, when migrating applications. This integration option is enabled by use of optional Solaris 9 Container software. For more details, please contact your local Fujitsu sales representative.

But the uniqueness of Solaris Containers is not limited to Solaris 9 Containers.

It also has:

  • The least performance overhead (1% for typical applications) of any virtualization environment.
  • Simple building of Containers using the Physical to Virtual tool ( Available from Solaris 10 9/10)

Using Solaris Containers you can easily upgrade from PRIMEPOWER servers to SPARC Enterprise, while enjoying greater performance and slashing your TCO.