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No.1 Eco Server - UNIX Server SPARC Enterprise M3000

June 2nd, 2010

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The latest Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise UNIX server provides the secret to reducing Power consumption and CO2 emissions.

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SPARC Enterprise M3000 Eco Finctions - Click here

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In days of economic growth, we sometimes forget that IT systems too fuel green house gas and consume energy while fueling our business requirements. But in times of global economic turn-around we start to see that IT systems can also be the cause of “red ink.” IT systems can in fact become a “cost-driver” in your business as well as a benefit. Reducing server operating costs, including power consumption, is not just a matter for your business. It has become a common global-scale issue with many companies seeking smarter energy use. In this environment Fujitsu has introduced the SPARC Enterprise M3000 to reduce costs and environmental impact.

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The high Green performance of SPARC Enterprise is the fruit of Fujitsu’s continuous improvements in power efficiency as well as performance and reliability.
SPARC Enterprise M3000, with a single processor with 4 cores in a small 2 rack height unit package, embodies Fujitsu’s overall pursuit of “quality”. This includes additional power and space savings and very stable operation of enterprise workloads (an already proven strategy from use of SPARC64 processor series in mid-range and high-end computer systems).
Upgrading from older PRIMEPOWER 450 UNIX servers, for example, will save 50% in both space and power consumption, while upgrading performance by 30%. Even comparing to other UNIX servers with the same numbers of cores, power consumption will still can be reduced by 30%.
Moving your older server systems onto SPARC Enterprise, will Green your datacenter with significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Smart power control can further reduce power consumption. For instance, powering off SPARC Enterprise outside business hours may reduce power consumption by a further 20%.

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If you have tens or hundreds of older servers in your center, SPARC Enterprise provides a cure for cost containment and the removal of a huge amount of power consumption. For example upgrading 100 PRIMEPOWER 450 (*2,3) to the same number of SPARC Enterprise M3000 servers will reduce power drain by 600,000 kWh a year.

*2 Based on PRIMEPOWER 450 4U server *3 Calculated based on max. power consumption

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The ability to slash the number of servers will provide an additional cost reduction “cure”. By using Solaris Containers server utilization rates will be much higher. This will further reduce current and future server costs. Now is the time to see how SPARC Enterprise can change your data center.