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Performance Upgrade of SPARC Enterprise M3000

Optimizing IT Investment with Compact and Full Powered Processor

January 12th, 2010

With the announcement of the enhanced SPARC Enterprise M3000 from Fujitsu and Sun Microsystems, performance has been lifted by the faster 2.75 GHz SPARC64 VII quad-core processor to around 23 per cent more than the existing model.

With such a performance upgrade, SPARC Enterprise has once again proved it is the best platform for accommodating high workloads and slashing running costs. For example, an upgrade to M3000 from PRIMEPOWER 450 with no application recompilation requirements, will improve application performance by around 30 per cent, based on Fujitsu’s OLTP performance test results.

figure#1 -Performance Comparison

Slashing Server Operational Costs by M3000

In addition to the performance upgrade, M3000 is also aimed at reducing server running-costs to the lowest level possible. Upgrading to M3000 will therefore also dramatically improve cost performance.

Power consumption halved

Max. power consumption can be reduced to less than 50% and space requirements also halved.

  • SPARC Enterprise M3000 : max. power consumption(200V AC) 500 Watts, in 2U of rack space.
  • PRIMEPOWER 450 : max. power consumption 1090 Watts, in 4U of rack space.

Support costs slashed

M3000’s use of a dense quad-core processor, enables software license and support charge reductions. For instance, Oracle support charges can be less than 1/12th those compared with PRIMEPOWER 450 (*1)

figure#2 -Oracle support charge comparison

*1 Software Update License & Support (US) charges were compared.

  • Oracle Standard Edition/One is used with SPARC Enterprise M3000(1 CPU chip, 4 cores)
  • Oracle Standard Edition is used with PRIMEPOWER 450(4CPU chips, 4 cores)

For the detail of Oracle support charge (US), please refer to

*2 Charges over five years, compared using a relative value.