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Oracle Solaris Installation Notes

SPARC Enterprise servers delivered by Fujitsu incorporate pre-installed Oracle Solaris. The handling, of software notices on pre-installed software, mandatory software, and applicable patches, is explained here. For hardware installation procedures, please refer to “Getting Started Guide” supplied with the delivered server. Other notices including latest information on server cabinets, firmware and OS can be referenced using “Product Notes” posted on the online manual page.

Software Pre-installation

Software including Oracle Solaris preinstalled SPARC Enterprise is explained by the following:

SPARC Enterprise Preinstall Information (75 KB) (June 2009)

Note) It's recommended that Oracle Solaris media is purchased to enable reconfiguration and re-installation work.

Oracle Solaris Installation

Before OS activation, please read the following hardware platform guide:

SPARC Enterprise Hardware Platform Guide for Oracle Solaris (318 KB) (March 2012)

Mandatory and recommended software, plus required patches

Prior to using Oracle Solaris, the Enhanced Support Facility has to be installed and patches applied. Use of Server System Manager is recommended for simplified server management. Software installation procedures for these items are provided in the above hardware platform guide.

Mandatory software

Enhanced Support Facility installation
For uses of this software, necessary for hardware and software maintenance, contact your local Fujitsu UNIX server sales contact.

Recommended software

Server System Manager installation
For uses of this software, recommended for integrated server management, contact your local Fujitsu UNIX server sales contact.

Oracle Solaris Patches

The latest recommended patches and security patches
Oracle Solaris patches including security patches can be obtained from the Oracle Solaris Related Information page.