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All-Flash Arrays

The fastest servers and network connections in the world are not much help if storage systems cannot read or write data at a rapid pace. Performance-hungry databases, time-consuming data analyses, frequently accessed online applications and virtualized server or desktop environments can lead to storage bottlenecks very quickly.

Solid state drives (SSDs) can increase speed by a factor of 100 or more, and they considerably outperform hard disks. Performance and response issues could be solved immediately if all the data in performance-intensive applications resided on a storage system equipped with SSDs. Although SSDs are more expensive in terms of purchase price, the added cost is offset when they are deployed in environments which require high performance levels.

Temporary solutions based on hard disks can be expensive as well – and their performance is much lower than SSD solutions. Approaches such as investments in dedicated storage systems per application, the distribution of data over as many hard disks as possible, or frequent system tuning are only stop-gap solutions at best. And they usually deliver relatively poor overall storage system utilization.


The FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS AF delivers the advantages of flash storage to the max, supporting all tier-1 applications. With ultra-low response times that set performance records, mirroring and transparent failover, selective deduplication/compression and easily-configurable automated quality of service to minimize admin work, this system transforms your data center, saving you people, time and money.


FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS AB series is an NVMe ready all-flash storage systems with performance and efficiency of block storage systems offering best in class IOPS.

NetApp All-Flash FAS

Change how you do business today—and keep pace in the future. NetApp All-Flash FAS systems combine all-flash performance with unified data management from flash to disk to cloud.

NetApp SolidFire

NetApp SolidFire is a scale-out high performance all-flash storage system built for the next generation data center that can not only support thousands of applications within a multi-tenant shared infrastructure, but also guarantee their performance through its volume-level Quality of Service (QoS) controls. In addition, inline data reduction techniques and system-wide automation create substantial capital and operating cost savings relative to traditional disk and basic all-flash storage systems.