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” Fujitsu has helped us take advantage of the opportunity that ITs provide us in order to improve our services and make them more flexible, as well as modernizing ULPGC”

Mr. Carlos Mena Mesa, ULPGC Computer Systems Director


  • Education

Offering Groups:

  • Solutions

Solution Areas:

  • Storage Management


  • Spain


  • Technological Consulting
  • Network Storage Infrastructure


  • Decrease in traffic when there are multiple users
  • Greater flexibility in handling incidents and requests
  • Interface totally adapted to the ULPGC’s criteria
  • Total integration and compatibility with all of the technological elements and work procedures of the University
  • System reliability

The Challenge

Spain’s public university system is facing times of uncertainty which require, among other aspects, the modernization and updating of its IT in order to become highly competitive in terms of new and different training possibilities.

The university’s future includes both responding to and remaining one step ahead of the changes and demands that society in general (institutions, organizations and social agents) and the business world in particular (the recipient professionals and groups) are demanding at this time.

Within this context, the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) detected a gradual increase in volumes of operation that were making it more and more complicated to maintain its storage architecture, with great difficulties to be able to introduce modifications that would improve its management.

Our Focus

After analyzing the ULPGC’s needs, as part of a plan for the expansion and consolidation of its operating system environment, Fujitsu detected the need to automate and multiply the storage capacity by saving all of the information in a global manner, thereby allowing the ULPGC to consolidate Windows and Linux environments.

Furthermore, it detected the need to have all of the data involved in both current backups and all historical data available, as well as categorizing and prioritizing all of the incidents and requests, thereby automating the report production process to the utmost.

Last of all, in what was perhaps the key feature of the solution, the ULPGC requested that the project’s implementation create no disruption of the University’s customary work activities. To do this, Fujitsu proposed the creation of one level of integration in the CPD, which would make it possible to provide better service to the users and workers at the university, as well as another at the level of procedures and architecture management that would lead to an easy, successful implementation of the system.

The Solution

The solution designed and implemented by FUJITSU is structured into two very well-differentiated areas. On the one hand, the implementation of a backup solution, with the installation of the proper components at both the hardware and software levels, and on the other, the implementation, design and setup of the Backup policies indicated by the ULPGC, in order to create a customized, optimized design for its structure.

The solution’s reliability, scalability and adaptability to the new platform are based on the installation and setup of the solution at the hardware and software levels: the library of Storagetek L40 tapes and the CX600 disc cab, which provides reliability and the features of an EMC solution, broadly meet the needs of this environment. The two switches included in the offer make up and optimize the final architecture by designing a SAN storage network with high connectivity and the best of features.

In addition to this, in order to put the backup system into operation, it became necessary to connect the backup network equipment with the rest of the ULPGC’s corporate network, where some of the servers that formed part of the safeguarding policies were located.

The result is a technological multi-platform storage solution with a large capacity and a high level of recovery that has bee perfectly integrated into the technological and procedural environment of the ULPGC.

The Benefits

With the Storage Infrastructure solution in the ULPGC network, the client will benefit from:

  • A decrease in traffic when there are multiple users. Centralized management of the system and the sharing of storage resources allows traffic reduction via LAN when there are multiple users and a high level of scalability.
  • Greater flexibility in handling incidents and requests. The total computerization of the process, the knowledge base and the management of reports all accelerate the search for finding solutions to problems and the tracking of the tasks necessary to perform changes and improvements on the initial architecture.
  • Interface totally adapted to the ULPGC’s criteria. The pleasant interface and easy use of the software installed comprise the right backup policy for the institutional development of the ULPGC.
  • Total integration and compatibility with all of the technological elements and work procedures of the University. The solution contributed by FUJITSU has not only included the perfect relationship between all of the systems and applications. It is also completely adapted to the way of working desired by the ULPGC.
  • System reliability. The implemented architecture is characterized by its high level of reliability and the information security available in the storage system. Most notable is its capacity to immediately recover and the “instant restore” of the applications, thereby providing security in the everyday management of applications by the staff in charge and the users at the ULPGC.