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Integrated System vShape significantly increases the performance of Fujitsu Glovia

"Our energy bills have dropped by half – that’s a big cost saving for us but also helps us reduce our environmental footprint. It could only be done with an integrated solution such as FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX® vShape."

Chi Ho Kwok, Technical Support Representative, Fujitsu Glovia

The customer

Fujitsu Glovia is a leading innovator in manufacturing ERP software and solutions, helping manufacturers, assembly businesses and mixed-mode companies worldwide optimize, manage and grow their operations. From single-location manufacturers to multi-national, multi-lingual, multi-currency corporations, the company offers the expertize and technology to deliver simple, yet scalable ERP solutions that solve its 1,000+ customers’ most complicated business process issues.

The challenge

Fujitsu Glovia wanted to replace its outdated server infrastructure with a new integrated solution that would deliver better performance at lower cost.

The solution

The company deployed FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX® vShape, which combines servers, storage and switches, in a single, off-the-shelf converged solution.

The benefit

  • The new system delivers three times faster performance, making applications and databases more responsive enabling employees to be more productive
  • Energy costs have reduced by 50 percent, saving money and reducing Fujitsu Glovia’s environmental impact
  • The solution is reliable with minimal downtime, allowing the IT team to focus on strategic business objectives rather than fire fighting
  • Validated IT infrastructure based on standards


Read the full Fujitsu Glovia case study (232 KB/A4, 2 pages)


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