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Fujitsu Highlights from ‘Core to Store’ End-to-End Retail Capabilities at EuroShop 2020

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News facts:

  • Fujitsu remains the only market player capable of delivering retailers’ total IT requirements
  • Innovations on show include Fujitsu Quantum-Inspired retail optimization, the Store Operations Cockpit and Supplier Portals
  • Fujitsu also explaining how its Connected Retail future vision equips retailers with framework for long-lasting, effective strategic responses to sector’s challenges
Düsseldorf, February 13, 2020

– Fujitsu is highlighting the unique breadth of its end-to-end retail capabilities under the banner ‘from the core to store’ at EuroShop 2020, the world’s largest trade fair for retail investment requirements, that opens today in Düsseldorf, Germany (16 – 20 February, Hall 6, E75 booth).

At the retail industry’s global showcase, Fujitsu is emphasizing that it remains the only market player capable of delivering retailers’ total requirements for core IT backbone infrastructure and services, through store management applications to shop floor solutions. Having the broadest range of IT solutions and services enables Fujitsu to transform retail performance from the digital core for operational excellence of retailers’ processes, through to front-end digitalization projects to drive an improved customer experience.

Highlights from Fujitsu on show at EuroShop 2020 include:

  • Fujitsu Quantum-Inspired retail optimization: Fujitsu’s ground-breaking Quantum-Inspired Digital Annealer leverages quantum algorithms as economic, efficiency and service-improvement game-changers in the retail space. Specific use cases will include quantum annealing algorithms applied to previously insoluble challenges such as the ‘traveling salesman problem’ to calculate the optimum route for logistics, warehouse picking and retail space allocation, and the ‘best fit’ challenge, to find the optimum combination of space to value, for example in delivery logistics and shelf display.
  • The Store Operations Cockpit: optimizes ongoing processes in retail stores by linking together sensors installed across a retailer’s estate to constantly collect and analyze data. For example, the Store Operations Cockpit from Fujitsu, combined with technology from Bosch, by identifying unnecessary electricity consumption and reduces store staff workloads.
  • Supplier Portals: Sharing insights between retailers and suppliers about shoppers’ behavior is now the key to generating growth. Fujitsu will show the latest approaches to creating and managing supplier portals that redefine the value chain between retailers and suppliers, helping retailers to boost customer satisfaction and revenue growth.
  • Fujitsu Mosiac Check Out Solutions: Easily switch between Self-Checkout lane or attended lane with cashier to enable dynamic staffing according to store conditions and focus on customer service. Prevent count errors, eliminate internal loss, reduce costs with cash management.

Visitors to the Fujitsu booth will also meet Fujitsu’s best-of-breed partners in its Connected Retail ecosystem. This exciting initiative is building on Fujitsu’s insight that retailers must react quickly to customers’ radically evolving expectations and demands to remain relevant and successful. This vision was set out recently in a thought-provoking white paper for retail industry strategists, “Fujitsu Future Insights – Digital Transformation in Retail”.

The white paper argues that society is evolving, and this is overturning many of the basic assumptions on which mass-market retailing was built. By 2030, retailers will be responding to the simultaneous demands of six generations of consumers, each with differing values and discontinuously changing behaviors. In particular, the future will belong to those retailers who understand and respond to consumers’ concerns about trust and social responsibility.

Ralf Schienke, Head of Retail & Hospitality Sector Sales, Fujitsu Central Europe, says: “At EuroShop 2020 we are emphasizing that Fujitsu remains the only genuinely end-to-end provider of retail solutions and services. Alongside the breakthrough innovations we are showing, such as quantum-inspired retail optimization, the store operations cockpit and supplier portals, we will also be explaining the power of our Connected Retail future vision for the sector to retailers. This equips them with a framework to build long-lasting, effective strategic responses to the challenges they face today. Retailers that don’t recognize the need to transform will find themselves increasingly sidelined, and unable to regain losses in market share or credibility.”

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Date: 13 February, 2020
City: Düsseldorf