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Fujitsu Opens an Incredible Array of New Possibilities for the Manufacturing Industry at Hannover Messe 2019

Fujitsu EMEIA

News facts:

  • Focus on efficiency and optimization highlighted by Fujitsu’s quantum-inspired computing Digital Annealer – enabling manufacturers to massively optimize existing production processes in real-time and create a new disruptive market
  • Connected Manufacturing demonstration shows how to drive greater optimization in cloud architectures with Intelligent Edge infrastructure
  • End-to-end supply chain intelligence with cutting-edge digital technology to anticipate predictive maintenance requirements, deliver real time analysis, and pave the way to audit trail and transaction governance
  • Intelligent Mobility showcase includes the world’s most secure Over-the-Air Update solution (OTA) and advanced image optimization, which compresses video data by a factor of 1,000, enabling huge cost savings in data transfer and storage
Munich, March 25, 2019 – Fujitsu will demonstrate how the manufacturing industry can take a quantum leap to disruptive innovation and step-change efficiencies, with a wide-ranging array of showcases on its booth at Hannover Messe IndustrieOpen a new window (HMI), taking place in Hanover, Germany from April 1-5, 2019 (Hall 7, Booth E16).
Fujitsu Digital Annealer finds instant answers to manufacturing challenges
At HMI 2019, Fujitsu will highlight the very latest technologies and their application in the context of Industry 4.0. One key innovation on show is Fujitsu’s quantum-inspired Digital Annealer, which solves complex, combinatorial optimization problems instantly, providing a bridge to the quantum world, but without the complexities and environmental impact of quantum computers. Recent benchmark results showed the latest 8,192-bit system1 Digital Annealer perform up to 10,000 times faster than a commercial solver running on a high-end parallel system2. Available to address today’s real-world problems, the Digital Annealer can be deployed as a cloud-hosted or on-premises service solution, depending on customer preference. At HMI, Fujitsu will show demonstrations of some transformative opportunities this technological breakthrough is already creating for manufacturing customers.

The Digital Annealer demonstration is part of Fujitsu’s Efficiency in Engineering and Production showcase, which also includes how Fujitsu is helping customers implement an audit trail using distributed ledger technology (DLT) to store vital production and supply chain data across multiple organizations and throughout the complete product lifecycle.

Other highlights from the Fujitsu booth this year include a demonstration of the capabilities of the Fujitsu Advanced Image Recognition (F|AIR) solution for the industrial application of Artificial Intelligence for quality control and non-destructive testing, as well as the Fujitsu Intelligent Dashboard, an analysis and visualization tool for the smart factory that provides manufacturers with a single real-time view of their entire operating environment.
The diversity and real-world applicability of Fujitsu’s solutions at HMI 2019 is underlined by four further showcases:
  • Connected Manufacturing – A major hurdle for manufacturers aspiring to become smart factories is to consolidate widely-distributed and loosely-coupled automated manufacturing processes. Instead of centrally integrating design processes, many rely on selective programming and configuration. Fujitsu and SAP are presenting a more effective approach in the showcase SAP Shopfloor Designer & Fujitsu INTELLIEDGE: Easy-to-understand cloud-based interfaces help create centrally distributed models making it possible to develop, manage and distribute production automation. HMI visitors can also see how Fujitsu Advanced Condition Monitoring can be used for real-time evaluation of large amounts of data from the shop floor via intelligent streaming analytics, with results sent to the SAP cloud environment to close the control loop.
  • Enhancing end-to-end supply chains with Fujitsu Real-time Intelligent Connected Enterprise – End-to-end supply chain intelligence interlinks customers with the supply chain and production systems. This enables manufacturers to reduce costs, since precise insights into when customers will buy which products enable better planning production and help reduce storage time. Furthermore, batches and products can be tracked in real-time, also very useful in the event of recalls. The Fujitsu Real-Time Integrated Connected Enterprise (RICE) solution helps manage production processes and equipment, delivers real time analysis of root causes at factory, machine, and even component levels, anticipates predictive maintenance requirements, and paves the way to audit trail and transaction governance.
  • Co-creation with Fujitsu’s unique Human Centric Experience Design (HXD) methodology – joint development is the fastest and most effective way for digital technologies to drive real innovation and add disruptive creativity and value to business strategies. In the Fujitsu Digital Transformation Center (DTC) at HMI, visitors have the chance to experience the power of co-creation, where manufacturing specialists come together with technology experts from Fujitsu and partners to address specific challenges, using Fujitsu’s unique, proven Human Centric Experience Design (HXD) methodology.
  • Intelligent Mobility – this showcase addresses the fundamental security requirement of the new world of connected cars: the secure connection of car-to-car and car-to-environment data transfers. Fujitsu is showing the world's most secure Over-the-Air Update Solution (OTA) at HMI. OTA will not only reduce the cost of automotive recalls with software-based features, and enable car manufacturers to install new software or add new features in vehicles, enabling the rollout of new business cases even after the car is sold. Also being demonstrated is a solution to the challenge of handling the sheer volume of data generated during autonomous driving – with Fujitsu Image Data Lightening, it is now possible to compress video data by a factor of 1,000. In addition, this new solution will improve the video quality to provide the image recognition necessary for autonomous driving.

Ravi Krishnamoorthi, Head of Manufacturing and Automotive Solutions, Fujitsu EMEIA, says: “Fujitsu has assembled a truly innovative array of use cases and solutions at HMI 2019 to help manufacturers heighten production efficiency. As global competition reaches extreme levels, efficiency becomes ever more important as a means of staying ahead, differentiating products and improving margins. Fujitsu’s focus on efficiency, optimization and orchestration at HMI 2019 is spearheaded by our revolutionary quantum-inspired technology Digital Annealer.

“We’re also showcasing how intelligent edge connectivity and end-to-end supply chain connectivity can deliver radical manufacturing optimization, together with some truly exciting breakthroughs in security and data compression for the automotive sector,” continues Krishnamoorthi. “The Fujitsu Digital Transformation Center at HMI will give visitors a hands-on experience on how Fujitsu brings all these technologies and applications together through co-creation to unleash the creativity and agility necessary for disruptive innovation.”

Notes to editors
1Press release March 7, 2019: “Fujitsu Digital Annealer Revolutionizes Problem Solving with Quantum Acceleration
2The performance comparison was conducted by evaluating the quadratic assignment problem (QAP) on the Digital Annealer against a general purpose, multi-core, Xeon multi-processor system. QAP represents a generalized assignment for facility layout and scheduling problems in manufacturing.
3As a core member of the DIN SPEC 92222 agile standardization project, Fujitsu is helping drive greater optimization in cloud architectures with its Intelligent Edge infrastructure - Fujitsu INTELLIEDGE.

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