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Fujitsu Survey Highlights how Digital Transformation is Driving Business Growth

Fujitsu EMEIA

News facts:
  • More than one third of digital transformation initiatives have already generated positive results, including increased revenue and enhanced customer relationships, says new survey
  • Key factors for digitalization success are employee skills, strong leadership, streamlined processes, and co-creation partnerships
  • Survey underlines the potential of artificial intelligence to empower people
Munich, April 24, 2017 – More than one third of organizations are already enjoying the benefits of investments in digital transformation, according to new research results1 published by Fujitsu. Furthermore, almost 9 in 10 firms (89 percent) are currently planning, testing, or implementing digitalization initiatives, leveraging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), according to the Fujitsu Global Digital Transformation Survey among business leaders in 15 countries worldwide.
According to the survey digitalization is boosting business, with an increase in revenue cited as the main benefit (46 percent). Enhanced relationships with customers (44 percent) and strengthened competitiveness of products (36 percent) are also highly ranked, along with improved business efficiency and better business models or processes.
As digital technologies are increasingly embedded in business and society, they are revolutionizing the way we live and work. However, some areas are seeing more profound change than others. The Fujitsu research highlights that the main digitalization focus areas are marketing (38 percent), workstyle (35 percent), as well as operation and maintenance (30 percent).
One key characteristic of a successful future digital workforce will be its ability to work closely with AI-based intelligent systems, which can perform information searches and turn data into actionable insights. Business leaders surveyed are enthusiastic about the potential of AI and the benefits from blending AI and human creativity. More than three quarters see AI as an opportunity, while 82 percent agree that AI will enhance the capabilities of people.
Duncan Tait, SEVP and Head of Americas and EMEIA at Fujitsu, comments: “Digital transformation is a reality of business today – and already providing a strong positive impact on the bottom line for companies that are forging ahead. As our survey underlines, digitalization is not only about introducing new technologies, but a true game changer. Thanks to levels of connectivity and data-driven insight that were unimaginable just five years ago, the real key to success comes from making sure this wealth of information is fully exploited, and that people are empowered to use their creativity. Successful companies are teaming up with technology vendors such as Fujitsu to co-create digitalization strategies that place people at their core, and fully leverage the power of technologies such as AI and the IoT.”
Digitalization is also accelerating in industry-specific business processes, says the survey. For example, fintech innovation is disrupting and driving the transformation of retail finance, while IoT means manufacturing companies can take a radically new approach to designing, building and operating smart factories – one example is the INESA Group in China, which worked with Fujitsu to leverage IoT and Big Data technologies and create an intelligent manufacturing process2. According to the survey, between a third and half of organizations have already embarked on industry-specific digital transformation, with the financial services and healthcare industries leading the way, at 51 percent.
People, leadership and processes are key to successful digital transformation

The most important success factors for digital transformation are talented staff with the right skills (19 percent), strong leadership (18 percent), and streamlined organizations and processes (17 percent), according to the survey. In addition, many organizations recognize the importance of collaborating with partners, including technology partners and suppliers.

In the 2017 edition of the Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision3, Fujitsu predicts that in the digital era, co-creating for innovation will become the norm – blending customer business expertise with digital technology and creating new value together with business partners and customers. When it comes to choosing the right technology partner for digitalization projects, organizations will increasingly select partners based on their ability to demonstrate the right technological capabilities in the areas of IoT, Advanced Analytics, AI and Cyber Security, as well as technology vendors who can demonstrate industry understanding and empathy with regard to business requirements, vision and strategy. Fujitsu believes digital technology will empower people, businesses and the public sector to collaborate and co-create to transform business, drive social innovation and ultimately create a better future.

Notes to editors

1The survey was conducted in February 2017 among 1,614 C-level managers and key decision makers in mid-sized and large organizations from 15 countries: Australia (106), Canada (56), China (103), Finland (56), France (103), Germany (103), Indonesia (52), Japan (309), Singapore (103), South Korea (55), Spain (103), Sweden (52), Thailand (52), UK (103) and US (258).
2More information on the INESA Group transformation can be found at
3The Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision and Global Digital Transformation Survey Report are online at

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Date: 24 April, 2017
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