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Fujitsu Empowers European Retailers to Re-invent the Store with Second Generation In-Store Analytics Solution

Fujitsu EMEIA

News facts:

  • Retail Engagement Analytics solution 2.0 combines multiple data sources to provide real-time insights into in-store buyer behavior
  • Clear dashboards visualize key in-store metrics for minute-by-minute visibility
  • Enables retailers to make both immediate refinements and improve long term forecasting and planning
Düsseldorf, March 06, 2017Fujitsu today announced the European availability of the latest version of its Retail Engagement Analytics solution (REA). The updated REA 2.0 is designed to allow store-centric retailers to combine data from multiple sources to gain real-time insights into in-store buyer behavior, enabling them to streamline operations, enhance the shopper experience and improve their bottom line.

An increasingly tech-savvy and connected public has driven significant growth in online shopping, and web-based retailers have come to rely heavily on the wealth of buyer behavior to constantly fine tune their offerings. While every login to a website, click and purchase is analyzed online, conventional store-based retailers - which still account for the majority of purchases made today - have far less information available to them to help maximize their sales. Fujitsu’s latest version of its Retail Engagement Analytics solution is designed to address that imbalance.

Fujitsu’s solution takes the output from multiple sources, for example from existing in-store cameras and wi-fi access points and merges it with point of sales output, data from other stores and store formats as well as external intelligence, for example, weather information. The real-time results are presented in a dashboard, with easy-to-understand heat maps and reports that visualize key store metrics such as the number of new and repeat customers, the number of customers by time and by department and average shopper dwell time in each location.

Furthermore, Fujitsu’s patented Flow Discovery Technology1 enables REA 2.0 to identify the most commonly used routes taken by customers as they move around the store. Simultaneously, heat maps visualize the areas of the store that attract the most traffic at given times. This wealth of data allows retailers to immediately identify areas where improvements can be made via store layout changes, for example, by optimizing floor plans to facilitate the flow of customers or improving product positioning to encourage sales. The system can even send automatic alerts to store associates to redeploy them to where they are most needed.

REA 2.0 also adds considerable value in terms of forecasting and tracking marketing effectiveness. By being able to identify trends and track customer behavior patterns over time and during promotional campaigns, retailers gain powerful forecasting capabilities - helping them match staff schedules and product re-stocking with anticipated demand. The solution can be deployed to track the success of promotions in real-time, reporting minute-by-minute spikes in traffic.

Rowan Cape, Vice President Global Retail Software Solutions at Fujitsu, comments: “Currently, one out of every two retailers is not able to predict in-store customer traffic or decipher customer behavior2. With REA 2.0 we are changing that by giving European retailers access to the same types of analytic data that web-based stores have been exploiting for years. As a result they will be able to rapidly enhance their business operations, improve the shopping experience and boost their bottom line.”

The FUJITSU Retail Engagement Analytics solution can be deployed either as in-store infrastructure or as a cloud solution delivered via Fujitsu’s Cloud Service K53. Built at scale to process large volumes of data with speed and efficiency, REA 2.0. is fully compliant with the data privacy requirements of the European Union and individual EU countries.


The FUJITSU Retail Engagement Analytics 2.0 solution is currently available in North America and in 12 key European retail markets (Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal Spain, Sweden, and the UK).

Notes to editors

1 Fujitsu’s Flow Discovery Technology is an extension of Fujitsu’s Automated Process Discovery (APD) technology. Flow Discovery allows the shopper tracking through the store to be visualized using the facts and evidence from data sources to trace and render the route ‘as it happens’. This approach and technology enables the use of non-invasive techniques to gather and process the evidence very efficiently into a comprehensive and accurate picture.

2 EKN Customer Context Power Research, 2015

3 Fujitsu’s Cloud Service K5 is a next generation cloud platform, specifically created to enable efficient, easy and cost effective enterprise level digital transformation.

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Date: 06 March, 2017
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